Boy band Onewe will hold its “O! New E!volution III” concert on May 4 and 5 in Seoul.
“O! New E!volution III” is the Onewe’s third live concert, held two years after its “O! New E!volution II” encore concert back in 2022. It will also be the band’s first show after members Yonghoon and Kanghyun completed their mandatory military service.

The concerts will be held at Yes24 Live Hall, located in Gwangjin District in eastern Seoul.

Tickets will open first to members of the band’s fan club on April 11, followed by general ticket sales on April 12.
Onewe was formed through KBS’s “The Unit” (2017-18), an audition reality show that sought to form K-pop groups made up of idols who had already debuted. The band released its debut single, “1/4,” in May 2019.
The band will drop its third EP, “Planet Nine: Isotropy,” on April 17. 


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