After dropping the members’ individual concept photos and trailer films, the all-Japanese K-Pop group continues to reveal more teasers to build up the anticipation, which will be followed by the album highlight medley and music video teasers.

[4K] [UNICODE ON&OFF] 일본인으로 구성된 K-POP 걸그룹 유니코드의 리얼리티 – Teaser 2 (dream ver.)

(ENG/JPN) [UNICODE ON&OFF] 일본 소녀들의 K-POP 아이돌 데뷔기 – EP.1

Who Are Unicode?

UNICODE (유니코드) is an upcoming five-member girl group under XX Entertainment. They will make their debut on April 17, 2024 with the mini album Hello, World!.


On February 20, 2024, it was reported that XX Entertainment will release the YouTube weekly mini show, ‘UNICODE ON&OFF’, starting on February 23 through the YouTube web series platform, ALL THE K-POP. The show aims to revealing the debut process and challenges of forming the upcoming girl group UNICODE, which will be comprised of five Japanese members who were selected through ‘Project K’, the largest online audition held in Japan. That same day, XX Entertainment opened SNS accounts for the girl group.

On February 23, the five members of UNICODE were revealed through the first episode and consisted of Erin, Hana, Yura, Soo-Ah and Mio.

2024: Debut with Hello, World!
According to a teaser photo released on March 5, they will debut in April 2024. Though their album name was hinted, it was only later confirmed to be Hello, World!, which will be released on April 17.

According to their CEO, his initial goal was to make create J-pop using the K-pop producing system


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
English Korean Japanese
Erin 에린 エリン Leader, Main Rapper 2024–present
Hana 하나 ハナ Sub-Vocalist, Lead Rapper 2024–present
Yura 유라 ユラ Main Vocalist 2024–present
Soo-Ah 수아 スア Vocalist, Rapper 2024–present
Mio 미오 ミオ Vocalist, Maknae 2024–present

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