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Girl band QWER topped the Favorite weekly chart for the third week of May.

Favorite is a K-pop fan poll jointly developed by digital streaming service Bugs and JoongAng Ilbo, an affiliate of Korea JoongAng Daily.

The weekly chart rankings are calculated through a combination of fan votes and an artist’s number of streams on Bugs.

QWER topped the weekly chart with a score of 41.6 percent, accounting for 371,313 votes and 1.8 percent of Bugs’ streaming data. This is the first time that QWER has landed on the Favourite Weekly Chart since its debut in October last year.

YG Entertainment’s rookie girl group BabyMonster came second with 186,739 votes, accounting for 371,313 votes and 1.8 per cent of Bugs’ streaming data. Seventeen came in third with 12.4 per cent.

QWER will receive a celebratory in-app banner on Bugs’ mobile app from Friday to Sunday, while BabyMonster’s celebratory banner will be featured in the app’s chart categories.

IVE is the winner of the Weekly Comeback Artist poll for the third week of May. The girl group received 23.6 percent of the votes, 12,701 votes and 7.5 percent of Bugs streaming data.

IVE released their second EP “IVE Switch” on 29th April. The EP features the lead tracks “Heya” and “Accendio”.

aespa, who released their first full-length album ‘Armageddon’ on Monday, came in second with 17.8 percent and EXO’s ‘D.O.’ came in third with 15.6 percent.

Celebratory videos from IVE and aespa will be shown at the Parnas Media Tower near COEX Mall in Gangnam, southern Seoul, from 25 May to 7 June.

QWER ‘T.B.H(고민중독)’ Official MV

QWER ‘Discord (디스코드)’ Official MV

QWER – 별의 하모니(Harmony of stars) Official Special Clip

Who Ara QWER?

QWER (최애의 아이들) is a four-member project girl band under 3Y Corporation and Tamago Production, which was founded by YouTuber and CEO Kim Egg. They made their debut on October 18, 2023 with the single album “Harmony from Discord”.

On July 2, 2023, Tamago Production revealed through their YouTube that they will launch a four-member project girl band.[1] At the time, only drummer Chodan had been chosen with recruitments ongoing for the remaining three members. Eventually, they were revealed through their YouTube pre-debut series OSHI NO KO Project that they have chosen streamer Magenta as their bassist, internet personality Hina as their keyboardist, and former J-pop idol Lee Siyeon as their vocalist and guitarist. And thus, by August 2023, the members were assembled and they began training and preparing for their debut.

On September 24, QWER announced that they will make their official debut on October 18 with the single album “Harmony from Discord” and on the December 12, QWER released the remix single, “Discord (TAK Remix)”.


Name Keyboard
Color Position(s) Year(s) active
Chodan (쵸단) Q      White Leader, Sub Vocals, Drums 2023–present
Magenta (마젠타) W      Pink Bass 2023–present
Hina (히나) E      Blue Guitar, Keyboard, Maknae 2023–present
Lee Siyeon (이시연) R      Green Main Vocals, Guitar 2023–present

Partical Source: Korea Joong Ang Daily