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Hwang Jung Eum once again posted an enigmatic message on Instagram, this time targeting her husband Lee Young Don’s alleged mistress.

Hwang Jung Eum took to her Instagram story today to share a photo accompanied by a caption that read, “Hey, ugly, please marry my husband. Just get a divorce and go to Bangkok, okay?”

The photo she uploaded reveals the Instagram post and username of a woman suspected to be having an affair with Lee Young Don. The post was quickly deleted after being uploaded, but it had already spread rapidly across online communities.

Some netizens claimed to have witnessed Hwang Jung Eum posting and deleting another message that contained accusations such as, “You’re trying to seduce someone else’s husband because you’re having those thoughts.”

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Hwang Jung Eum then re-uploaded the screenshot of the suspected woman’s Instagram post without any additional comments, only to delete it once again. The woman’s post expressed gratitude towards Lee Young Don for a one-night trip to Thailand, causing further controversy.

Hwang Jung Eum’s public attack on the woman raises concerns about potential defamation issues.

Defamation is defined as the act of damaging someone’s reputation by publicly disclosing specific information that could lead to their humiliation. It can be constituted by both false and true statements, and in the case of posts on social network services, it can also result in aggravated punishment under the Information and Communications Network Act.

The woman caught in the social media crossfire, however, denied the allegations entirely. Claiming she’d never even met Lee Young Don, she explained she only watched the recent SNL Korea episode to support Hwang Jung Eum, despite not being a regular viewer. She urged Hwang Jung Eum to confirm the truth.

The woman’s friend also came forward and they clarified that “Lee Young Don” was simply a nickname for their friend and in no way connected to Hwang Jung Eum’s husband.

The friend demanded a proper correction and apology from Hwang Jung Eum. They emphasized the suffering they and their friend were enduring due to the false accusations and warned of legal action for defamation if a proper resolution wasn’t reached.

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