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Kim So Hyun showcased her unique sense of humor on the latest episode of the YouTube web variety show, “Inssadong Sulzzi,” released on Studio Usog’s channel on the 10th. Appearing as the guest on the final episode, Kim So Hyun immediately caught the audience’s attention with her enthusiasm, sharing that she has a long-standing friendship with host Lee Chaeyeon.

As she relaxed into the show, Kim So Hyun revealed her charms, recounting the story of how she and Chaeyeon showered each other with compliments as they exchanged phone numbers the first time they met. Her spontaneous re-enactment of their initial encounter, complete with playful role-playing, brought laughter to the set.

When asked by Chaeyeon how she manages to stay immersed in her character despite the non-sequential filming of drama scenes, Kim So Hyun explained, “I keep track of the overall flow and have a complete understanding of my character.” She added with confidence, “I’ve been in the industry for 16 years; at this point, it’s something I should be able to do,” showcasing her seasoned expertise.

Kim So Hyun also shared her excitement for her upcoming tvN drama, Serendipity’s Embrace. “It’s going to be fun and heart-fluttering, letting you reminisce about old times,” she said, teasing the audience with a memorable line from the show, “Kang Hoo Young, my heart just skipped a beat.”

Looking to the future, Kim So Hyun expressed her desire to take on more diverse roles, including playing a colder, more somber character. “I want to grow and age together with my audience, becoming a longtime friend through my acting,” she shared sincerely.

Catch Kim So Hyun in her new role as Lee Hong Joo in Serendipity’s Embrace, premiering on tvN on the 22nd at 8:40 PM KST.

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