Bong Jaehyun (Golden Child) Profile and Facts

Jaehyun (재현) is a member of South Korean boy group Golden Child.

Stage Name: Jaehyun (재현)
Birth Name: Bong Jae Hyun (봉재현)
Position: Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: January 4, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 177 cm (5’10″)
Weight: 58 kg (127 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Representative Emoji: 
Jersey Number: 19

Jaehyun Facts:
– He was born in Seoul, South Korea
– Nickname: Bongvely
– His family owns three dogs.
– He always says cringey things confidently. (After School Club)
– His shoe size is 270mm.
– Jaehyun’s English name is Kevin Bong.
– He was in the US for quite some time, so he speaks fluent English.
– Jaehyun lived in Wisconsin, US for 2 years. (ASC)
– When Jaehyun just entered the company, he mistook Jibeom as a 98′ liner, because Jibeom didn’t introduce himself properly, and he was also friends with TAG, who’s a 98′ liner, so Jaehyun called Jibeom “hyung” at first, even though he was older than Jibeom by a month
– He has also studied abroad in Chicago, US.
– He made his own aegyo move named BongPid (Bong Jaehyun + Cupid)
– Jaehyun can’t eat seafood. He loves toast.
– Jaehyun’s favorite sport is basketball and he isn’t good at sports other than basketball.
– He is a huge fan of EXO, and his biggest role model is BaekhyunHe even used the picture they took together as his lockscreen.
– Jaehyun likes black. Whenever he buys clothes, he tends to buy black T-shirt because it’s easy to wear and plain.
– He was the basketball captain in middle school.
– He is a member of GNCD’s unofficial sub-unit, “googoos”, which is made up of GNCD’s 99′ liners – Jibeom, Donghyun and Joochan.
– Education: Yeonghoon Elementary School (graduated), Sunggok Middle School (graduated), Hanlim Multi Art School (same as Bomin, Joochan, and TAG) (graduated).
– He studied in the USA after graduating from elementary chool.

– He loves fantasy movies, especially “Harry Potter”
– He likes the singer Kim Dong Ryul.
– BTS‘ V is his role model in terms of style. (CeCi Magazine 2018)
– He talks in his sleep when he’s really tired
– He performed EXO’s “Call Me Baby”and 4Minute’s “What’s your name?” on KBS Gayo with N.Flying‘s Kim Jaehyun, NCT‘s Jeong Jaehyun, and THE BOYZLee Jaehyun (Hyunjae) XD.
– The reason why his jersey number is 19 is because he was 19 when he debuted (Korean Age)
– He really loves “Descendant Of The Sun”. He replayed it many times.
– Jaehyun is an MCs on “Stark’s Star Wars”, along with Jangjun.
– He’s friends with UP10TION’s Xiao, SF9’s Hwiyoung, IZ’s Hyunjun, The Boyz’s Haknyeon and CLC’s Eunbin
– His roommates are Jibeom and TAG. (vLive: We Are Roommates)
– He and Haknyeon went to Lotte World together during Haknyeon’s trainee days.
– Since he was born in January 1999, he went to elementary school with 98′ students.
– Before his debut, he appeared in the short film “4th Place”, as a member of a swimming team.
– He has a lot of conflicts with his food. He can’t eat squid, but he eats butter squid at a movie theater. He can’t drink milk, but he eats white milk candy (and rolls it up with chocolate). He can’t eat fried shrimp, but can eat shrimp chips. He can’t eat seafood, but he likes seaweed soup. He eats crab meat in kimbap, but he doesn’t eat shrimp with soup.
– His special talent is being able to touch nose with the tip of his tongue
– If he could switch lives with anyone for one day,he’d like to be soccer player Song Heung-Min
– He likes to experience a lot of things when he gets the chance to
– When he was five years old until sixth grade, he was a short track speed skater. He won medals and competitions.
– He is the first idol star with the last name ‘Bong’.
– He can’t live without pork belly because he eats it almost every day.
– His favorite b-side track from Without You album is I Love U Crazy.
– An essential thing he needs to take when traveling are airpods.
– He enjoys rapping May, 2020. (vLive: We Are Roommates)
– His favorite rappers are: Giriboy, Kid Milli and EK.
– He usually doesn’t play any games but according to Donghyun he plays Kart Rider. (VLive: Goldenness❤️❤️❤️❤️
– He said “if one day I have a chance to release a solo album I would like it to be like baekhyun sunbaenim candy, who is my role model since debut!” (cr twt)
Jaehyun’s Ideal Type: Good-natured girls

I, A Gangster, Became A High School Student | 2024 – Choi Se Kyung
Twinkling Watermelon | 2023 – Ha Eun Ho
Revenge of Others | 2021 – Bang Woo Tak (Ep.7)
Convenience Store Fling (썸타는 편의점) | Dingo, U+ Idol App, 2021 – Bong Jae Hyun
Crash! Insignificant Reunion (우당탕탕 하찮은 동창회) | vLive, 2020 – Himself
Crash! Insignificant Roommates (우당탕탕 하찮은 메이트) | Naver TV, 2019 – Bong Jae Hyun
20th Century Boy and Girl (20세기 소년소녀) | MBC, 2017 – Guest role as himself, ep. 1.3

Urban Myths: Tooth Worms / Seoul Ghost Story (서울괴담) | 2022 – Young Min
Miracle (기적) | 2018 – Himself
4th Place (4등) | 2016 – Guest role

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