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Bang Ye Dam found himself apologizing for a prank gone wrong, orchestrated by his friend. The incident unfolded after Bang Ye Dam expressed regret to iMBC Entertainment, stating, “I am truly sorry for causing concern.”

The controversy began the previous night when Bang Ye Dam’s friend, actor Lee Seo Han, posted a video on his Instagram Story. The clip, shot in a dimly lit space on a sofa, showed two people in a compromising position, which led to widespread “hidden camera” suspicions due to its secretive filming style.

Although the video was promptly deleted within an hour, it had already circulated across various online communities and social media platforms, fueling speculation that it was filmed in Bang Ye Dam’s studio—a detail known through various content shared publicly.

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Lee Seo Han initially dismissed the video as “just a joke among guy friends” and acknowledged the location as Bang Ye Dam’s studio, apologizing to both Bang Ye Dam and his fans. He urged for restraint in speculation and misunderstanding regarding the video, apologizing for any concern it caused.

However, the controversy didn’t subside, prompting the actor to issue a second, more detailed apology. In this, he shared in detail, “Out of fear and regret, I held back my explanation, which seems to have only fueled the controversy. I gather the courage to write again.” He described a casual gathering at Bang Ye Dam’s studio, where they often listened to music and watched movies. “Last night, the five of us had a get-together, and after drinking, Ye Dam and one friend went home after midnight.”

Lee continued, “While the rest of us were having another drink, we recorded a staged video that I meant to upload on my private account but mistakenly posted on my Story.” He stressed, “It was not illegal filming or anything of the sort,” and sincerely apologized for his immature actions that led to the controversy, vowing to act more prudently in the future.

Ultimately, Bang Ye Dam was not present during the prank but provided the location for his friends’ gathering. His friends’ regrettable actions inadvertently tarnished his reputation, leaving fans and the public feeling sympathetic towards Bang Ye Dam’s undeserved predicament.


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