Min Hee-Jin, the CEO of Korean agency ADOR, has asked management to terminate the contracts of the members of K-pop girl group New Jeans without interference from HYBE.

The development comes after Min Hee-Jin had a massive fallout with HYBE after rumours of her takeover attempt of ADOR went viral online. ADOR, which is a sub-label of K-pop giant HYBE, had previously launched an audit of ADOR in order to hold Heejin accountable.

Traditionally, Heejin’s general meetings are held to decide whether or not to sign celebrities to exclusive contracts. In the past, artists such as BTS and BLACKPINK have announced the renewal of their exclusive contracts with statements such as “The board meeting has approved the renewal of the exclusive contracts of the members” and “The board has passed a resolution to renew the exclusive contract of the group”.

But it is reported that Min Hee-jin has requested an amendment to her shareholders’ agreement to give her the power to terminate the exclusive agreements with ADOR independently, without consultation with the board and without the intervention of HYBE.

Currently, the ADOR shareholders’ committee consists of Min Hee Jin, vice president Shin and board member Kim. However, as HYBE owns 80 per cent of the shares in ADOR, it has the power not only to call a meeting of the board, but also to replace board members who go against its interests. Heejin’s move has therefore alarmed the HYBE management.

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