Despite the high viewership of tvN’s “Queen of Tears”, some fans of the drama expressed their dissatisfaction with its ending. Nielsen Korea reports that episode 16 of “Queen of Tears” recorded a viewership rating of 24,8%, beating “Crash Landing on You” and becoming the most popular drama in tvN history. This record, however, did not stop many viewers from complaining about screenwriter Park Ji-eun’s plot with frustrating developments, stating: “This drama wouldn’t have been as famous without actors like Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won.”

Recall that in the last episode, Baek Hyun-woo (Kim Soo-hyun) rushed to the villa to save Hong Hae-in (Kim Ji-won), who had been kidnapped by Yoon Eun-sung, even after was hit by a car. But the scene is not limited to the accident because Baek Hyun-woo still survived even after taking a bullet. Viewers found it difficult to feel sympathy for this character when seeing these unrealistic details.

The ending of “Queen Of Tears” leaves critics mixed K-Sélection

The last scene is also marked by a time jump to 2074 where Baek Hyun-woo was becoming old and had gray hair. Viewers complained about the ending of the drama, in which the scene indicates that Baek Hyun-woo and Hong Hae-in have both gone to heaven.

According to popular culture critic Ha Jae-gyun, “Although “Queen of Tears” was touted as a fresh drama, common K-drama clichés such as memory loss and traffic accidents tarnished that freshness,” ajutant que “In the second half of the drama, the author constantly dragged out the story while creating unnecessary conflicts.”

For example, when the female main character had to undergo surgery due to a rare disease, she kept arguing with the male main character about whether she should do it or not. The problems encountered in Park Ji-eun’s previous series were repeated in the final part of ‘Queen of Tears’.

The ending of “Queen Of Tears” leaves critics mixed K-Sélection

Critic Jung Deok-hyun expressed his opinion, stating that “Park Ji-eun has written many romantic comedies so far and presented an overall fairy tale-like world”, adding that “  the ending with repeated dramatic situations caused many complaints from viewers. However, it is common for a drama to maintain the tension of the conflict until the last episode before moving on to the happy ending, especially since the reactions from viewers were very intense, meaning they were very immersed in the drama.”

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