With the release of a documentary re-examining the Burning Sun scandal, Zico is experiencing significant backlash.

Recent posts on the rapper’s Instagram have been inundated with comments referencing the scandal. Netizens have left remarks such as, “Your friend’s ‘golden phone’ was on BBC News” and “What did you see on Jung Joon Young’s golden phone? Share it with us.”

This controversy stems from Zico’s appearance on the MBC variety show Radio Star in January 2016, nearly three years before the Burning Sun scandal broke. On the show, Zico mentioned, “Jung Joon Young has a ‘golden phone,’ which is used solely for texts. It’s like a Pokémon collection, but in a contacts-only version.” He then asked Jung, “You don’t have it anymore, right?” to which Jung replied, “I still have it. Zico visits my house and searches for it, reading through it like it’s his own.”

Credit: MBC

After Jung Joon Young’s illegal filming and distribution of videos were exposed, Zico’s comments were scrutinized. At the time, Zico clarified, “The phone I mentioned on the show has no connection to this unfortunate incident. What I saw on the phone was merely a contact list of acquaintances.” He also added that he had not been in personal contact with Jung for a long time and warned against spreading false information, stating he would take strong legal action against malicious comments and misinformation.

Despite the backlash, Zico has no charges related to the Burning Sun scandal or Jung Joon Young’s illegal filming and distribution case.


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