Upcoming film “Hijacking” has released stills of Chae Soo Bin!

Based on a real-life incident, “Hijacking” will follow the events that unfold when an aircraft full of passengers gets hijacked in the airspace of Korea in 1971.

Chae Soo Bin will star as Ok Soon, the only flight attendant on the hijacked plane. Ok Soon is a kind and flexible person who always responds to passengers’ various requests with a friendly attitude. When an unexpected hijacking occurs on a routine flight, Ok Soon is forced to take care of the passengers on board all by herself.

Ok Soon, who has to face hijacker Yong Dae (Yeo Jin Goo) at a closer distance than anyone else, does not panic even in moments of crisis and carries out her duties with determination.

In the first still, she is dressed in a neat uniform and has a friendly smile on her face as she prepares to greet the passengers. Meanwhile, the following set of photos gives a glimpse of her resilience and determination, even in the face of fear.

Describing her character, actress Chae Soo Bin shared, “I think Ok Soon would have had pride in her job and a strong sense of responsibility. While acting, I also felt like I had to ‘protect the passengers.’”

Director Kim Sung Han praised Chae Soo Bin for perfectly portraying the strong-willed character of Ok Soon, remarking, “One of Chae Soo Bin’s strong points is that she appears delicate on the outside but possesses great inner strength.”

“Hijacking” hits theaters on June 21.

In the meantime, watch Chae Soo Bin in “A Piece of Your Mind” below:

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