Yoo Ah In Profile and Facts; Yoo Ah In’s Ideal Type

Yoo Ah In (유아인) is a South Korean actor under United Artists Agency.

Stage Name: Yoo Ah In (유아인)
Birth Name: Uhm Hong Sik (엄홍식)
Birthday: October 6, 1986
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Nationality: Korean
Height: 179 cm (5’10″ 1/2)
Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Twitter: @seeksik
Instagram: @hongsick

Yoo Ah In Facts:
– He’s from Daegu, South Korea.
– Family: Parents, two older sisters.
– At the age of 15, he moved in Seoul alone.
– Education: Dankuk University & Konkuk University (Bachelor’s degree in arts), Seoul Arts High School (dropout), Gyeongbuk Arts High School.
– From a very young age he took serious interest in painting.
– As a child he was shy.
– He was scouted on the streets in front of his school.
– Once he also received singing training in order to debut as a Kpop idol.
– He started his career with modelling and began appearing in TV commercials.
– His stage name ‘Ah In’ comes from the word ‘one’ in german.
– During his early time as an actor he took a break from acting because he realized that he suddenly stepped in the industry without prior knowledge and he needed some time to reflect upon what he wanted for himself and what kind of path as an actor he wanted to follow. He ended his then-hiatus after he discovered his passion for serious acting.
– Yoo is the founder and creative director of Hannam-dong based art gallery Studio Concrete.
– He had been an investor and business partner of TMI Fries & Bar. (2015-2017)
– Yoo is a LGBT rights supporter and feminist.
– He’s very active in philanthropy.
– Yoo loves cooking. He gave a glimpse into his cooking skills on a Running Man episode.
– He is also a freelance writer; he used to write in his diary short stories and poems.
– Yoo was exempt from military service after undergoing several medical examinations due to a non-cancerous bone tumor which has minimal effect on his everyday life but still didn’t allow him to serve. (June 27, 2017)
– Apart from his film and television roles he has also starred in many variety shows and documentaries.
– Yoo has appeared in music videos such as: T.O‘s “Footprints”, BoA‘s “Only One”, DJ Peggy Gou‘s “ㅎㅎㅎ (Heung-bu)” & “Starry Night”.
– Achievements: Esquire Magazine’s “13 Great Movie Performances from 2018” (for film ‘Burning’, rank 8#), The New York Times’ “The Best Actor of 2018” (for film ‘Burning’, rank 9#), The Playlist’s “The Best Performances of 2018” (for film ‘Burning’, rank 8#) & The Taste of Cinema’s “The 10 Best Subtle Movie Performances of The Decade” (for film ‘Burning’, rank 8#).
– He is considered to be the most diligent actor from his generation.
– Videogames: 2016 Netmarble’s “Knights of Night” as Bein & Rune (also motion capture).
Yoo Ah In ideal type: “A calm, attractive, intelligent, loyal, feminine-minded, but not acquisitive or contentious and too quiet always individual whose thoughts must resemble the modern women.” He referred to Kim Tae Hee as his ideal type of girl in a talkshow.

Yoo Ah In Movies:
Voice of Silence (소리도 없이) | 2020 – Tae-in
#Alive (살아있다) | 2020 – Joon-woo
Sender Unknown (隔空投送) | 2019 – Himself (Chinese short film)
Default (국가부도의 날) | 2018 – Yun Jeong-hak
The Interview | 2018 – Himself (Short film; also producer)
Burning (버닝) | 2018 – Lee Jong-su
CCRT Aerospace : Episode 1 Fragile : The Other Space (경계의 저편) | 2016 – Man (Short film; also producer)
Like for Likes (좋아해줘) | 2016 – Noh Jin-woo
The Throne (사도) | 2015 – Crown Prince Sado
Veteran (베테랑) | 2015 – Jo Tae-oh
Thread of Lies (우아한 거짓말) | 2014 – Choo Sang-bak
The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow (우리별 일호와 얼룩소) | 2014 – Ko Kyung-chun/Milk Cow (Voice only)
Tough as Iron (깡철이) | 2013 – Gang Cheol
Punch (완득이) | 2011 – Do Wan-deuk
Sky and Ocean (하늘과 바다) | 2009 – Jin-goo
Antique (서양골동양과자점 앤티크) | 2008 – Yang Ki-beom
Skeletons in the Closet (좋지 아니한가) | 2007 – Shim Yong-tae
Boys of Tomorrow (우리에게 내일은 없다) | 2006 – Jeon Jong-dae

Yoo Ah In Drama Series:
Hellbound (지옥) | Netflix / 2021 – Jeong Jin-soo
Chicago Typewriter (시카고 타자기) | tvN / 2017 – Han Se-joo / Seo Hwi-young
Descendants of the Sun (태양의 후예) | KBS2 / 2016 – Bank teller Uhm Hong-sik
Six Flying Dragons (육룡이 나르샤) | SBS / 2015-2016 – Yi Bang-won
Discovery of Love (연애의 발견) | KBS2 / 2014 – Woodworking class student (Cameo)
Secret Affair (밀회) | jTBC / 2014 – Lee Sun-jae
Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love (장옥정, 사랑에 살다) | SBS / 2013 – King Suk-jong
Fashion King (패션왕) | SBS / 2012 – Kang Young-gul
Sungkyunkwan Scandal (성균관 스캔들) | KBS2 / 2010 – Moon Jae-shin
He Who Can’t Marry (결혼 못하는 남자) | KBS2 / 2009 – Park Hyun-kyu
Strongest Chil Woo (최강칠우) | KBS2 / 2008 Heuksan/Kim Hyuk
Shi-eun & Soo-ha (드라마시티 – 시은&수하) | KBS2 / 2005 – Lee Min-suk
April Kiss (4월의 키스) | KBS2 / 2004 – 16-year-old Kang Jae-sup
Sharp (반올림) | KBS2 / 2004-2005 – Yoo Ah-in
Honest Living (똑바로 살아라) | SBS / 2003 – Man #2

Yoo Ah In Awards:
2017 19th Korea Fashion Photographers Association Awards | Photogenic of the Year
2016 16th Korea World Youth Film Festival | Favorite Actor (“Like for Likes”)
2016 7th Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards | Prime Minister Award
2016 7th KOFRA Film Awards | Best Actor (“The Throne”)
2016 21st Chunsa Film Art Awards | Best Actor (“The Throne”)
2016 36th Golden Cinematography Awards | Best Actor (“Veteran”)
2016 11th Max Movie Awards | Best Actor (“Veteran”)
2016 8th Style Icon Awards | Bonsang (“Main Award”)
2016 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards | Best Actor TV (“Six Flying Dragons”)
2016 10th Asian Film Awards | Next Generation Award (“Veteran, The Throne”)
2015 The Korea Film Actors Association Awards | Top Star Award (“Veteran, The Throne”)
2015 Cine 21 Awards | Best Actor (“Veteran, The Throne”)
2015 5th SACF Artists of the Year Awards | Artistic Impression in Motion Pictures Award (“Veteran, The Throne”)
2015 SBS Drama Awards | Various Categories (“Six Flying Dragons”)
2015 4th CFDK Awards | Fashion Icon Award
2015 10th A-Awards (Arena Homme + and Mont Blanc Korea) | Style Award
2015 1st Fashionista Awards | Best Male Fashionista in a Movie (First Prize) (“Veteran”)
2015 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards | Best Leading Actor (“The Throne”)
2015 15th Korea World Youth Film Festival | Favorite Actor (“Veteran”)
2015 3rd Marie Claire Asia Star Awards | Asia Star of the Year (“Veteran”)
2013 9th Korean Environmental & Community Awards | People Who Made the World Brighter (Broadcasting/entertainment category)
2012 3rd KOFRA Film Awards | Discovery Award (“Punch”)
2011 4th Style Icon Awards | Bonsang (“Main Award”)
2010 5th A-Awards (Arena Homme + and Audi Korea) | Style Award
2010 KBS Drama Awards | Best Couple Award with Song Joong Ki (“Sungkyunkwan Scandal”)
2008 11th Director’s Cut Awards | Best New Actor (“Antique”)
2007 8th Busan Film Critics Awards | Best New Actor (“Boys of Tomorrow”)
2007 3rd Pierson Youth Film Festival | Best New Actor/Best Newcomer, Month of May (“Boys of Tomorrow”)

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