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Luminous is a four-member South Korean boy group under SE Group Entertainment. The group consists of members Youngbin (leader, lead vocals, dance), Suil (sub-vocals, rap, dance), Steven (sub-vocals, rap), and Woobin (main vocals).

Debut and Early Work

Luminous was originally set to debut under a different name and company in 2019, but their debut was delayed. They were later formed by vocal trainer Kim Sung-eun, who had previously worked with groups like BTS and Twice, under her agency Barunson WIP (now SE Group Entertainment). 

The group’s name was chosen to symbolize “a light shining brightly even in the dark.”Luminous released a pre-debut mini-album titled “Vision” on August 19, 2021, followed by their official debut mini-album “Youth” and its lead single “Run” on September 9, 2021. Their debut showcased a hip-hop and R&B sound inspired by groups like BIGBANG and Block B.

Subsequent Releases and Concepts

On January 20, 2022, Luminous released their second mini-album “Between Light and Darkness (Self n Ego),” exploring the theme of identity and the “confusion between the real self and the created self.” 

The lead single “All Eyes Down (Advance)” took inspiration from the Joker character.Their first full-length album “Luminous in Wonderland” was released on August 17, 2022, with a brighter musical direction exemplified by the singles “Engine” and “Creature.” 

The album’s concept revolved around the members’ journey through a fictional wonderland.Luminous’ lyrical themes generally focus on youth, aiming to “convey a message of hope and comfort” to their Generation Z audience through their music. Member Steven is a second-generation Korean Australian, adding diversity to the group’s background.


Name Light property Position(s) Year(s) active
Youngbin (영빈) Highlight Leader, Vocalist 2019–present
Suil (수일) Flash Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Main Dancer 2019–present
Steven (스티븐) Flare Sub-Vocalist, Rapper 2019–present
Woobin (우빈) Moonlight Main Vocalist, Maknae 2019–present
Jayden (제이든) N/A N/A 2019

Based on the search results, some of Luminous’ most popular songs appear to be:”Window Seat” – This is cited as their most popular song on Genius with 95.2K page views.Songs from their album “Luminous in Wonderland” like “Engine” and “Creature” – This album and its singles are described as being from the “sensational rookie group Luminous” and among fans’ favorites.“Echos of Our Love” – Listed as their latest release on Apple Music in 2024.Other songs mentioned on Genius include “Run,” “All eyes down (비상),” “Wish You Were Here,” and “MATRYOSHKA.” However, these may be from their earlier releases rather than their most recent popular tracks.It’s worth noting that the search results don’t provide definitive data on streaming numbers or chart performance to conclusively determine their most popular songs. The information is limited to mentions on lyrics sites and music platforms.

루미너스(LUMINOUS) ‘Engine’ MV


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