Starring Kwon Nara, Joo Won, and Yoo In-soo, the popular K-drama The Midnight Studio aired its final episode on May 6, 2024 at 22 p.m. KST. It centers on a ghost photographer and his last-ditch effort to save his curse-stricken girlfriend.

Just when Seo Ki-joo (Joo Won) and Han Bom (Kwon Nara) thought they were done with their problems in the previous episode, Ki-joo was visited by the angel of death, telling him that Ham Bom had inherited the curse from him. This is how he decided to venture into the underworld after episode 15 to retrieve the camera and permanently break the curse. It was in the last episode that Seo Ki-joo and Han Bom had their happy ending.

Midnight Photo Studio

In Midnight Studio, everything revolves around a professional photo studio reserved only for the dead, where they can come and meet their loved ones one last time. If Kwon Nara plays Han Bom, the stubborn lawyer who ends up giving legal advice to a ghost who visited the studio, Joo Won plays the fastidious photographer Seo Ki-joo, who manages the photo studio.

She ends up collaborating with Ki-joo’s photo studio. The other two studio employees in The Midnight Studio are Baek Nam-gu and assistant manager Go. Nam-gu is a former homicide detective who performs small tasks within the company, while assistant Manager Go is responsible for attracting ghosts as customers.

The ending of Midnight Studio explained: Do Seo Ki-joo and Han Bom find their happiness? K-Selection

Seo Ki-joo returns after a year to find a happy ending with Han Bom in The Midnight Studio

In the latest episode of The Midnight Studio, Han Bom (Kwon Nara) tried to stop Ki-Joo from going to the dark world, but the latter did not listen to her and thus found himself in circumstances perilous in this world. In this episode, Ki-Joo is seen entering the dark world while holding the camera. He had to run away from ghosts in this strange place to find the perfect place to abandon the camera and to position it correctly he had to fight evil spirits and complete several challenges. That’s when a group of evil spirits relentlessly attacked Ki-joo and snatched the camera from his hands

After doing his best to fight off the evil spirits, Ki-joo grabbed the camera and ran away. Immediately he approached the door, but did not find it. Summoning all his courage, he threw himself into the huge ditch to find himself in a dark cave. It was then that he realized that he had not entered the world of darkness, but rather the unknown territory that lies between the world of the living and the world of darkness. Meanwhile, Ji-won, Han Bom, and Assistant Go monitored the entrance to the underworld and prevented other ghosts from crossing into the realm of the living.

While confronting unwanted spirits or ghosts, Han Bom and the others wait for his return. At the same time, many ghosts attack Han Bom and Ji-won (Lee Bom-so-ri) who run away for shelter, while assistant Go (Yoo In-soo) tries to repel malicious spirits.

The ending of Midnight Studio explained: Do Seo Ki-joo and Han Bom find their happiness? K-Selection

It was while fleeing two other spirits who were pursuing him on the other side of the dimension that Ki-joo discovered the main door to the Other World. Upon arriving there, he came across a Reaper who revealed to him that he simply had to take the camera back to the world of the living to leave this place. This would, however, imply that Han Bom must die in order for him to return to the world of the living alive.

However, Han Bom would be saved if Ki-joo gave up the camera and sacrificed his life in the dark world. It was after failing in his attempts to repel the Grim Reaper that Ki-joo decided to sacrifice himself.

While a group of ghosts attempted to kill Han Bom in the real world, they were all thwarted by a magical shield that suddenly appeared around Han Bom as soon as Ki-joo left the camera in the other world. Since reality was different, she assumed that they had succeeded in their attempt and that Ki-joo would return soon.

After a whole day, Assistant Go informs Han Bom and Ji-won that Ki-joo has not returned from the world of the dead. That’s when Han Bom collapses, taking refuge in Ji-won’s arms to cry her eyes out. A year later, the final episode of The Midnight Studio shows Assistant Go and Jiwon in a romantic relationship, while Han Bom is still waiting for Ki-joo to return.

The ending of Midnight Studio explained: Do Seo Ki-joo and Han Bom find their happiness? K-Selection

Meanwhile, in the other world, Ki-joo meets a child ghost named Im Yoon-hae, who helps him find the door leading to the world of the living by telling him that he is alive and ‘he can leave the world of the dead if he wishes. So Yoon-hae led Ki-joo to the door and opened it so he could return to his seat.

The end of episode 16 of Midnight Studio was marked by the moving reunion of Ki-joo and Han Bom who confessed their love for each other. The couple then took one last photo with assistant Go and his girlfriend Ji-won while Ki-joo talked in the background about how he could never open the midnight studio door again and returned to his banal human life with Han Bom.

The Midnight Studio is available on Viki in select regions and on other streaming platforms like Disney+ and Plex.