tvN’s new variety show “Fresh off the Sea” has unveiled an exciting highlight teaser, offering a glimpse into the unique dynamics of its four cast members!

“Fresh off the Sea” is a new variety show where cast members Yum Jung AhAhn Eun JinPark Joon Myun, and Dex explore South Korea’s coastal regions over 3 days and 2 nights, showcasing scenery and local delicacies unique to the area. The show is directed by PD Kim Se Hee, who previously led “Youn’s Stay” alongside PD Na Young Suk.

The teaser begins with the “four siblings” having their first meeting, where they outline their tasks for the show: working hard to earn money and preparing at least one meal a day using the area’s seasonal ingredients, with the option to buy other meals if they have money.

However, a month later, despite their initial confidence, the teaser reveals the siblings struggling as they try their hands at anchovy fishing in Namhae, South Gyeongsang Province.

Each cast member’s distinct character is also a key point of interest. Yum Jung Ah is relentlessly diligent and often lovingly nagging and looking after the younger members. The second oldest, Park Joon Myun, is charming and endearing, with an expressive face, comedic timing, and witty remarks that make her a character viewers can’t help but love.

Meanwhile, Ahn Eun Jin is ready to captivate viewers with her boundless energy and loveliness. Her genuine dedication to tasks, big reactions, and lively antics bring plenty of laughter to the show. Lastly, Dex adds humor with his “youngest sibling” antics. Despite his mischievous side, the hardworking and strong Dex is essential to the team and cherished by his “sisters.”

The video concludes with a teaser for a guest appearance by actor Hwang Jung Min. Even as a guest, Hwang Jung Min demonstrates exceptional work skills, earning him the nickname “Hwang Captain.” Impressed by his work ethic and diligence, Ahn Eun Jin even gasps in surprise and remarks, “It’s like having another Jung Ah unnie!”

Watch the fun full teaser below!

“Fresh off the Sea” premieres on July 18 at 8:40 p.m. KST.

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