Jo Se Ho has announced exciting news on set of “You Quiz on the Block”!

On April 24, Jo Se Ho revealed news of his upcoming marriage in October through “You Quiz on the Block.”

Earlier in January, Jo Se Ho confirmed through his agency that he is dating a non-celebrity girlfriend, who is nine years his junior, for approximately one year and that they hoped to get married this year.

In an exclusive video with “You Quiz on the Block,” Jo Se Ho receives flowers from the production team. Yoo Jae Suk jokingly mentions, “I heard you called the production team, saying that you wanted to announce the news here.”

In his announcement, Jo Se Ho shares that his wedding date is confirmed for October 20. In his speech, Jo Se Ho remarks, “This is my first time getting married since I was born. Thank you for all the blessings.”

Check out the announcement video below!

Congratulations to Jo Se Ho and his fiancée!

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