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It has been reported that ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin and her management team have been keeping an eye on the public response after claiming that girl group ILLIT plagiarized NewJeans.

SpoTV News reported today that some of ADOR’s management team, including CEO Min Hee Jin, have been claiming that ILLIT, TWS, and RIIZE copied NewJeans. They have reportedly interviewed employees of the agencies involved and monitored discussions on various online forums. HYBE has received the report and is investigating through its audit team.

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Furthermore, ADOR management is reported to have questioned employees from other HYBE subsidiary labels to ask whether certain idol groups “copied NewJean.” HYBE has confirmed that this issue is the central aspect of their ongoing internal audit.

The HYBE audit team also stated that they are investigating rumors that CEO Min Hee Jin has made multiple remarks in private settings claiming that “Producer Bang Si Hyuk copied her ideas to create BTS.”

Deputy Director A, who has been mentioned alongside CEO Min Hee Jin, stated in an interview with Yonhap News on April 23rd that the content of the ‘ADOR internal document’ that was released to the media is a “personal document” reflecting their concerns.

The deputy director denied the existence of the internal document, claiming that the content is based on their “personal thoughts and experiences” and is not something they have discussed with CEO Min Hee Jin or other ADOR executives. The person further stated that the content was not created for reporting or sharing but was a personal piece of writing that has not been shared with anyone in ADOR.

The personnel further expressed their disappointment that a private document containing their personal views, essentially a memo that never materialized into action, was leaked to HYBE simply because it was saved on a company computer. They find it troubling that this document is now being portrayed in media articles as a significant “internal document” fueling a supposed larger conspiracy.

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