SBS’s “Connection” has unveiled a new teaser ahead of its highly-anticipated premiere!

“Connection” is a new crime thriller starring Ji Sung as Jang Jae Kyung, a well-respected detective who is the ace of the narcotics unit. The drama is a collaboration between director Lee Tae Gon and writer Lee Hyun, who previously worked together for JTBC’s “Diary of a Prosecutor.”

The newly released teaser depicts the aftermath of what happens to Jang Jae Kyung after he is drugged. The teaser puts together surveillance footage, creating a shocking and impactful story.

In the first clip, Jang Jae Kyung exudes charisma befitting of an ace detective as he hunts down a criminal. However, once he returns to the police station, Jang Jae Kyung stumbles and falls to the floor, conveying how his rationality has been destroyed after becoming forcibly addicted to drugs. Furthermore, Jang Jae Kyung enters a secretive place within the hospital alone and show abnormal behavior, pushing away the people who come looking for him.

As Jang Jae Kyung looks up to the surveillance camera, the frightening text, “Someone is watching,” appears on screen, followed by the sharp gaze of Oh Yoon Jin (Jeon Mi Do), the nervous facial expression of Park Tae Jin (Kwon Yool), the tense facial expression of Won Jong Soo (Kim Kyung Nam), and more as well as a brief look at Jang Jae Kyung (Cho Han Gyul) and Oh Yoon Jin (Kim Min Ju) back when they were in high school. The teaser ends with the chilling question, “Who are you?”

Check out the teaser below!

“Connection” will premiere on May 24 at 10 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Ji Sung in “The Devil Judge” here:

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