JTBC’s new rom-com drama “Frankly Speaking” has unveiled new stills ahead of tonight’s episode!

“Frankly Speaking” is a romantic comedy starring Go Kyung Pyo as Song Ki Baek, a rising news anchor whose life takes a (literally) shocking turn when he is electrocuted in an accident, leading him to develop a strange condition that prevents him from lying. Kang Han Na stars as On Woo Ju, a passionate variety show writer who is willing to do anything to make a program entertaining.


When On Woo Ju, whose career is going downhill, spots potential gold in the brutally honest Song Ki Baek, she casts him to star in her new dating reality show. With Song Ki Baek grappling with recent unemployment and eviction from the luxury apartment he was living in, Song Ki Baek has little choice but to agree, and the two meet each other as a contestant and the main writer of the show.

While the premise of the program demands that Song Ki Baek kindles romance with fellow contestants, it’s On Woo Ju who captures his attention.

Likewise, On Woo Ju finds herself drawn to Song Ki Baek, feeling compelled to look after him amid his new challenges as a variety show novice and as someone struggling with the aftermath of the electrifying incident that left him with an unfiltered mouth.

The newly released still captures Song Ki Baek and On Woo Ju alone on a serene mountain at night. Their evolving emotions are reflected in their meaningful gazes at each other. In another image, Song Ki Baek tenderly kneels in front of On Woo Ju who has injured her ankle. Even from behind, his genuine concern for her well-being is palpable. Amidst this, heartfelt words flow freely from his lips, raising curiosity about whether this will mark the beginning of a blossoming connection between them.

The production team commented, “Please stay tuned to witness their emotional journey during the first shoot of the dating show ‘Couple Paradise’ to see how their feelings sway and what dramatic changes occur between them.”

The next episode of “Frankly Speaking” airs on May 15 at 8:50 p.m. KST.

While waiting, watch Go Kyung Pyo in “Love in Contract” with subtitles below:

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