KBS2’s upcoming weekday drama “Scandal” (literal title) has released a teaser!

“Scandal” will tell the story of a woman who wants to have the world and another woman who risks everything for revenge.

Han Chae Young plays Moon Jung In, the CEO of Jungin Entertainment, who is driven by ambition. Choi Woong stars as aspiring actor Seo Jin Ho, and Han Bo Reum plays his lover Baek Seol Ah.

The newly released teaser gives a glimpse of the complex relationships between Seo Jin Ho (Choi Woong) and three women: Moon Jung In, Baek Seol Ah, and Min Joo Ryun (Kim Kyu Sun).

The video begins with Jin Ho making a sweet proposal to Seol Ah. However, the happy moment is short-lived, as the clip cuts to Jin Ho staying at a hotel with another woman and Seol Ah anxiously waiting for him at their wedding venue.

The teaser then introduces Moon Jung In, an ambitious production company CEO, who showers Jin Ho with lavish attention during an advertising shoot. Additionally, Jung In’s daughter, Min Joo Ryun, is also seen flirting with Jin Ho, heightening curiosity about what kind of turning point lies ahead in their entangled relationships.

After becoming a successful drama writer, Seol Ah encounters her stepmother Jung In, who brought her misery, and her ex-lover Jin Ho, who disappeared on their wedding day, at the wrap party for her drama. The tension between them is evident as Seol Ah coldly ignores Jin Ho’s congratulations.

The teaser also reveals a glimpse of a heated confrontation between Jin Ho and Min Tae Chang (Lee Byung Jun), Jung In’s husband, at the wrap party.

“Scandal” will premiere on June 17 at 7:50 p.m. KST. Check out the teaser below!


While you wait for “Scandal,” watch Han Chae Young in “Sponsor” below!

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