My Sweet Mobster” continues charming its way into everybody’s hearts, and last week is no exception, reaching its first half on a very promising note. Though the story is staying true to the funny and lightweight tone, in last week’s episodes, we saw a little more in depth the past of Seo Ji Hwan (Um Tae Goo) and also navigated through his relationship with Go Eun Ha (Han Sun Hwa). Although we are still waiting to see the ship of their romantic era sail, here are five revelations that brought all the angst and thrill that any good rom-com K-drama needs. 

Warning: spoilers for episodes 7-8 below! 

1. Go Eun Ha suspecting Seo Ji Hwan likes her.

Previously, this drama left us hanging with a classic K-drama trope, since both Seo Ji Hwan and Go Eun Ha were forced to stay together in a freezer. It isn’t a secret, at least for the viewers, that he has a major crush on her, but it was about time she also started to notice it. This moment served its purpose to help her to realize his feelings because not just anyone would go as far as to risk their own well-being in order to protect someone. And this is exactly what Ji Hwan does the moment he realizes they are trapped and that Eun Ha is quickly failing to stay conscious.

Using his very practical knowledge, Ji Hwan wraps his coat and arms around her, trying his best to keep her as warm as possible. But what he doesn’t realize at this moment is that his sweet and reassuring actions not only kept her body warm, but they also warmed her heart. Who would’ve ever thought that a man asking to be seen as a penguin could be that endearing? Clearly, this is something only Ji Hwan could pull through successfully. However, the moment Eun Ha wakes up at the hospital and bluntly asks him about his feelings, the Deer family swarms up the hospital room, ruining the moment.

2. There’s a spy amongst Seo Ji Hwan’s men.

These first eight episodes showed that the Deer Company family is very loyal and regards Ji Hwan as more than just their boss. They look after each other and work hard to make the company the number one in its field. However, it’s mentioned in past episodes that prosecutor Jang Hyun Woo (Kwon Yool) has a man amongst them who is giving him information about Ji Hwan’s every move. And as sad as it was to find out about it, it’s revealed that Park Dong Hee (Jaechan) is the spy helping the prosecutor.

Nonetheless, something that “My Sweet Mobster” has been constantly depicting is that nothing is completely black or white. Just like an ex-convict can have a pure heart, a righteous prosecutor can have ill-intentions behind his actions. That is why the moment Dong Hee informs Hyun Woo about Ji Hwan’s plan to rescue his missing employee, he also points out that no matter who the person is, Ji Hwan would still risk his safety to save them. And that’s exactly what he does, going to an encounter with the “Kitty gang,” which is preparing to make a big drug deal with a Thailand group and handle Ji Hwan’s employee.

3. The truth behind Seo Ji Hwan’s incident 10 years ago.

In last week’s episodes, we saw exactly what happened the day Jang Hyun Woo met Seo Ji Hwan for the very first time. Just like there is a possibility that people enter the criminal world out of unavoidable circumstances, like in Ji Hwan’s case, there are also people who would actively choose that path, like in the case of Go Yang Hee (Im Chul Soo), the leader of the “Kitty gang.” During episode 8, we can see how he sets a trap for Ji Hwan and almost kills him for handing down the information of his father’s misdeeds to the police and sending him to jail, bringing down the whole business they had built until that moment.

Although this is something Ji Hwan could have expected after turning his back on his own father, the pain of the ambush and his despair of being literally stabbed by the people who worked with him is a reason enough for him to not be able to let his guard down nor trust anybody easily. Nonetheless, he still cares about the people who are closest to him, like Joo Il Yeong (Kim Hyun Jin), his right-hand and confidant, who follows him to rescue the captive employee despite Ji Hwan’s objections. Il Yeong confesses that the day of Ji Hwan’s accident, he purposely didn’t answer his phone call, but Ji Hwan reassures him, telling him that as long as he could enjoy a normal day as a college student, he would have died in peace.

4. How Seo Ji Hwan feels toward his past.

Despite his true efforts to amend his past as a mobster, Ji Hwan still feels conflicted about it. He shows this not only by constantly reminding his men that society will never look upon them equally nor kindly; but also, he does it by pushing Eun Ha away the moment he realizes she could be targeted by his enemies solely because she lives in his house. When he successfully saves his employee, he is left in the hands of his enemies, and though he doesn’t fight back as much, the moment they mention Go Eun Ha, his fighting spirit shows up. And luckily, the police arrive at that moment.

However, he has to face the consequences of getting involved again with the “Kitty gang” and is taken to the police station, where Eun Ha sees him to his great distress. Back at his house, in a very cold way, he answers the question she asked him at the hospital and tells her he has never seen her as anything but a tenant, something that breaks her heart a little bit. But hopefully, this setback won’t last for too long, since now Eun Ha also has the support of the Deer family, who is also on a mission to make him pay for hiding his plans to save the missing employee.

5. Seo Ji Hwan is Go Eun Ha’s long-lost friend.

Being childhood friends is a quite common trope within K-dramas, something that could be either a hit or a miss, but in the case of “My Sweet Mobster,” it’s a great relief to confirm what many viewers had already guessed—that Ji Hwan is actually Eun Ha’s old friend. Most importantly, to Ji Hwan, she was as dear as he was for her. Her presence in his life became a source of relief in his young age, when he couldn’t really form any type of meaningful friendship due to his family circumstances.

Even more, it is none other than Jang Hyun Woo who finds out first that Ji Hwan is the Hyun Woo that Eun Ha is so desperately looking for. Sadly, the same conflicted feelings he has for his past misdeeds seem to apply to the young child Hyun Woo, who used to play with Eun Ha, since Ji Hwan claims that the child is dead now. As he doesn’t admit that he is her friend, it is left to Jang Hyun Woo to decide whether he will reveal this information to Eun Ha or not. But because there’s nothing like a good cliffhanger, we will only find out the outcome of this revelation in next week’s episodes, so get ready for many more emotions to come in “My Sweet Mobster”!

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