On the latest episode of “The King of Mask Singer,” a masked singer made his triumphant return to television after his recent military discharge!

During the April 28 broadcast of the MBC singing competition, eight new contestants entered the ring in a quest to challenge the reigning champion for the throne.

In the first match-up of Round 1, “Bomb Sale” and “Bomb Hair” faced off with an emotional cover of AKMU’s beloved hit “How can I love the heartbreak, you’re the one I love.”


After the performance, Bomb Hair gave the crowd a clue to his identity by dancing to Yang Dong Geun (YDG)’s iconic hit “Alley.”

Although both contestants charmed the audience with their singing, it was ultimately Bomb Sale that won the battle and moved on to the next round.

Bomb Hair then remained on stage to perform a soulful rendition of John Park’s “Thought of You,” tasking off his mask halfway through to reveal his identity.

The masked singer turned out to be none other than A.C.E’s Kang Yuchan (formerly known as Chan), who was just discharged from the military this past February.

Host Kim Sung Joo went on to reveal that “The King of Mask Singer” had actually cast Kang Yuchan while he was still serving in the military. Kang Yuchan replied with a laugh, “When I wasn’t serving, no one contacted me. But after I went to the military, I suddenly got a call.”

He went on, “So I worried, ‘What do I do? My hair is too short.’ But I couldn’t believe that my first solo activity after being discharged was ‘The King of Mask Singer.’ So I felt great.”

Watch the full episode of “The King of Mask Singer” with English subtitles on Viki below!

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