The cast of “The Roundup : Punishment” has celebrated yet another impressive achievement!

According to the Korean Film Council’s Korea Box-office Information System (KOBIS), “The Roundup : Punishment” garnered over 4 million moviegoers as of 3:20 p.m. KST on April 28, which is just five days since its release.

The fourth installment in Ma Dong Seok’s hit “The Outlaws” series, “The Roundup: Punishment” follows the action-packed adventures of legendary detective Ma Seok Do (Ma Dong Seok) as he teams up with the Cyber Investigation Team to take down an illegal online gambling organization.

“The Roundup : Punishment” garnered 1 million moviegoers in just two days, 3 million moviegoers in four days, and 4 million moviegoers in just five days, consecutively breaking their own record as the film to take the shortest amount of time to achieve these milestones in 2024. Of the films that premiered in 2024, “The Roundup : Punishment” reached the 4 million moviegoers mark faster than “Exhuma,” which also achieved the feat in just nine days.

Furthermore, the latest installment of “The Outlaws” series reached the 4 million moviegoers mark faster than “The Roundup” (2022), which took seven days, and the same time as “The Roundup : No Way Home” (2023), which also took five days.

Over the weekend, “The Roundup : Punishment” stars including Ma Dong Seok, Kim Moo Yeol, Park Ji Hwan, Lee Dong Hwi, Lee Ji Hoon, Kim Do Geon, Lee Joo Bin, Kim Shin Bi, Kim Ji Hoon, and director Heo Myung Haeng greeted moviegoers and expressed their gratitude, even taking a celebratory photo with the audience members to celebrate their latest milestone.

“The Roundup : Punishment” also expressed their gratitude, stating, “We are so grateful that over 4 million moviegoers visited the movie theaters to watch the film on the first week of the film’s release.”

Congratulations to the cast and crew of “The Roundup : Punishment”!

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