The stars of tvN’s “Queen of Tears” have shared their thoughts ahead of the drama’s upcoming finale!

Penned by “Crash Landing on You,” “My Love From the Star,” and “Producer” writer Park Ji Eun, “Queen of Tears” tells the miraculous, thrilling, and humorous love story of a married couple who manage to survive a crisis and stay together against all odds.

With just one episode of the hit drama left to go, Kim Soo Hyun expressed his gratitude to the show’s viewers by saying, “Thank you for giving ‘Queen of Tears’ so much love. I was happy because of you.”

He continued, “Please look forward to seeing how far Hyun Woo will go for Hae In in Episode 16, and please stay with us until the end.”

Kim Ji Won remarked, “As we spent a long time filming [the drama], I eagerly waited for it while feeling both nervous and excited, and I feel sad at the thought that it’s ending already. I really enjoyed watching the drama as one of its viewers, and thank you so much for loving and enjoying our drama.”

She went on to tease viewers by saying, “It’s not over until it’s over! I hope you’ll stick with ‘Queen of Tears’ until the very end.”

Park Sung Hoon playfully brought up all the grief his villainous character has caused viewers, commenting, “I’d like to sincerely thank all the viewers who have laughed and cried together with us up until now. I feel like I contributed a lot to making viewers angry throughout the drama [because of my character], so on one hand, I feel apologetic. But a role is merely a role, so I ask on Eun Sung’s behalf that you forgive him.”

He added, “Please keep an eye on Eun Sung as he races towards his climax.”

Kwak Dong Yeon became nostalgic while looking back on his time filming the drama, noting, “I think the time I spent pondering how to act as Soo Chul and the moments when I brought the character to life by receiving lots of help on the filming set will remain in my memory for a long time.”

The actor went on to promise viewers, “In the final episode, you can safely look forward to seeing what’s become of Soo Chul and his family after going through so many ordeals.”

Finally, Lee Joo Bin remarked, “It feels like just yesterday that I was nervously waiting for the first episode, and all of a sudden, I’m already awaiting the final episode. I will cherish the warm love and interest you gave us in my heart for a long time.”

As for what viewers can expect from the finale, she teased, “Please stay tuned up until the end to see how Da Hye accepts the wrongs of the past and the accompanying retribution, as well as how she will overcome her situation.”

The final episode of “Queen of Tears” will air on April 28 at 9:10 p.m. KST.

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