Non-fiction Kdramas can surprise viewers with the captivating power that emerges from the bond between a male and female main character. They may have completely different personalities and opposing lifestyles, but viewers are delighted to see them working together impeccably to achieve a common goal, to the point of wondering if there isn’t a spark brewing beneath the surface of their professional bond. Now let’s take a look at some on-screen professional relationships that subtly set hearts aflutter.

  • Flex X Cop – Ahn Bo Hyun & Park Ji Hyun 

The K-Drama pairs we would like to see become a K-Selection couple

Flex X Cop is a crime drama featuring two unlikely partners with opposing investigative styles. Jin Yi Soo (played by Ahn Bo Hyun), a wealthy third-generation chaebol who leads a peaceful life, becomes a police officer overnight following an unexpected incident and finds himself partnered with Lee Kang Hyun (Park Ji Hyun), the first female team leader of the Violent Crimes Division. Kang Hyun objects to Yi Soo’s approach of solving cases using money, connections, and power, leading to him being excluded from the investigation due to his unorthodox methods .

Despite their rocky start, their bond strengthens as Yi Soo’s troubled past comes to light and Kang Hyun’s mother considers him a potential son-in-law. Yi Soo’s speech, “If you have to fight, I’ll be on your side,” perfectly illustrates the growing relationship between the two young people. For season 2, Flex X Cop promises to delve deeper into the evolution of their relationship. Will there be romance in ‘Flex X Cop’ season 2? The response from screenwriter Kim Ba Da was affirmative

  • Taxi Driver – Lee Je Hoon & Pyo Ye Jin  

The K-Drama pairs we would like to see become a K-Selection couple

Being a revenge Kdrama, Taxi Driver introduces us to the story of a mysterious taxi company and its driver, Kim Do Gi (Lee Jae Hoon), who avenges the victims of injustice thanks to help from her colleagues at the taxi company, including Ahn Go Eun (Pyo Ye Jin), an employee in the accounting department who has excellent hacking skills. Sharing a commonality of having lost loved ones to criminal acts and also living under the same roof, Go Eun seems to be Do Gi’s most trusted colleague.

While Do Gi and Go Eun were already well-liked by viewers in the first season, in the second, they pose as a married couple in order to solve a victim’s request, which even allows Go Eun to express his feelings for Do Gi. The third season is therefore even more anticipated than the previous ones.

  • Stranger – Cho Seung Woo & Bae Doona 

The K-Drama pairs we would like to see become a K-Selection couple

Stranger is a Kdrama featuring an emotionless prosecutor, Hwang Si Mok (Cho Seung Woo), and a hot-blooded detective, Han Yeo Jin (Bae Doo Na), who work together to solve crimes. After brain surgery, it turns out that Si Mok has lost his emotions and is suffering from ringing in his ears. The deep trust between them is highlighted by the fact that only Yeo Jin knows this secret. Additionally, Shi Mok, who rarely smiles in front of others, showed a smile towards Yeo Jin, which hints at a romantic relationship.

Cho Seung Woo said during the 2017 production event that “The series is not about a romance between a prosecutor and a detective. » By focusing on a strong partnership without a romantic subplot, Stranger falls completely outside the scope of Kdramas. Whatever happens, the series does not budge and their bond remains purely professional since they strive to uphold justice.

  • 365: Repeat the Year – Lee Joon Hyuk & Nam Ji Hyun 

The K-Drama pairs we would like to see become a K-Selection couple

Being a mystery thriller Kdrama, 365: Repeat the Year tells the story of ten people dreaming of a better life and going back a year, only to find themselves trapped by an inexplicable fate and forced to play a survival game. Despite the diversity of their backgrounds and ages, these people all choose to reset their lives and return to the past. As the lines between good and evil blur, characters begin to suspect each other, and tension mounts as events unfold. As detective Ji Hyung Joo (Lee Jun Hyuk) and popular webtoon author Shin Ga Hyun (Na Ji Hyun) investigate the case together in this group, they begin to share their feelings about the pains of the past after go back and form a strong bond.

When Hyung Joo learns that the person he trusted is actually a serial killer, Ga Hyun does her best to comfort and support him to prevent him from completely breaking down. The Kdrama ends with an open ending which suggests a possible romantic relationship between the two characters.

  • Hyena – Kim Hye Soo & Ju Ji Hoon

The K-Drama pairs we would like to see become a K-Selection couple

Hyena is a legal drama depicting the ruthless survival of lawyers who represent the 1% of high society. The title of the series, “Hyena”, refers to Jung Geum Ja (Kim Hye Soo), who will do anything to make money. Geum Ja crosses paths with Yoon Hee Jae (Ju Ji Hoon), an elite in the legal world, and a relationship develops between them when she intentionally approaches him. As they compete with each other to get ahead, romantic tension gradually builds between them, and the distance between them shrinks. It’s fascinating to watch the dynamic between these two very different people.

The audience is fascinated by Geum Ja, who flirts with Hee Jae in a way that is both captivating and dramatic. Without explicitly defining their relationship, the Kdrama describes them as beings who understand and support each other in their pain, thus leaving room for the evolution of their relationship.

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