Villains create a hero; without villains, who would the hero fight against? The villains are key to shaking things up, adding spice to the drama, and breaking up the monotony of the plot. There is a pretty interesting list of villains in the world of K-dramas that fans have grown to hate with all their might.

With intriguing past histories and traumas shaping their present, these villains are the epitome of evil. And it must be said that they are exceptionally pleasant to watch. With praise being showered on Wi Ha-joon for his negative role in crime thriller The Worst of Evil, here’s a look back at seven villains K-drama fans love to hate.

1- Jang Han-Seok in Vincenzo – Netflix

7 bad guys in K-dramas, handsome and devilishly evil K-Selection

In the title role, Song Joong Ki plays an Italian advisor to the Mafia, while Jeon Yeo-been plays the role of an aggressive lawyer, Hong Cha-young, in this K-drama which gets off to a flying start. The two team up to bring down the corrupt conglomerate Babel Group and its chairman, Jang Han-seo (Kwak Dong-yeon). However, it is then revealed that he is just a puppet and that Babel is a front company for a drug cartel led by his half-brother, Jan Han-seok.

The tall and handsome Ok Taec-yeon transitions effortlessly from the naive and charming law intern Jang Jun-woo, with curly hair and puppy eyes, to the demonic Jan Han-seok. It doesn’t take long for viewers to hate this Machiavellian sociopath as soon as he reveals his true identity. K-pop group 2PM’s Taec-yeon, who has previously played the hero in several popular K-dramas, reveals his villainous side, leaving no stone unturned and sparing no one (not even his brother) to make life by Vincenzo and Cha-young infernale. This K-drama takes you on a whirlwind of emotions with twists and turns and a gripping plot that keeps you in suspense until the last scene.

2- Lee Rang in Tale of the Nine Tailed – Netflix

7 bad guys in K-dramas, handsome and devilishly evil K-Selection

In this K-drama, the plot revolves around a 1000-year-old gumiho (nine-tailed fox) and ancient mountain god, Lee Yeon (played to perfection by the charismatic Lee Dong-wook). He patiently waits for the reincarnation of his first love, Yi Ah-eum (Jo Bo-ah), who has become Nam Ji-ah, a television producer. Their destinies intertwine, revealing secrets from the past and a powerful enemy.

Disrupting their lives is Yeon’s half-brother, Lee Rang (Kim Bum). His hatred for Yeon consumes him and brings back a powerful evil with the aim of defeating his brother. Although we initially want to blame him for his devious shenanigans, his character development and journey to redemption make him a different villain. The attractive Kim Bum manages to make his way onto our list of dislikes by playing the revenge-seeking gumiho.

3- Seo Moon-Jo in Strangers From Hell – Amazon Prime Video

7 bad guys in K-dramas, handsome and devilishly evil K-Selection

Yoon Jong-woo, an aspiring writer, moves to Seoul to pursue his dreams. In need of money, he moves into a dilapidated university residence whose occupants are not only strange but downright sinister. While he adapts to the gloomy atmosphere, he also encounters difficulties at his workplace and often feels frustration.

Mysterious dentist Seo Moon-jo (Lee Dong-wook) is the only one Jong-woo can connect with in a healthy way. As the narrative unfolds, we are introduced to the monstrous side of the residents, who are sadistic killers, and Moon-jo is their leader. His creepy smile sends shivers down your spine. The twisted plot, menacing characters, and chilling angst created throughout make this K-drama, also called “Hell is Other People,” disturbing viewing.

4- Mo Tae-Gu in Voice (Season 1) – Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

7 bad guys in K-dramas, handsome and devilishly evil K-Selection

The show, spanning four seasons, revolves around an emergency call center and a group of detectives who work together to solve cases using information provided by callers. Kang Kwon-joo (Lee Ha-na), a talented voice profiler, and detective Moo Jin-hyuk (Jang Hyuk), whose wife was murdered by a serial killer called The Devil, team up to catch such psychopaths .

When The Devil resurfaces, the two uncover a web of conspiracies, linking all three in a treacherous game of life and death. And Kim Jae-wook delivers an applause-worthy performance as the deranged sociopath Mo Tae-gu, aka The Devil. He truly lives up to his nickname, The Devil, with his menacing attitude and horrific actions. Not to mention its exceptional appearance. He knows this and uses his well-built physique and attractive face to sow terror.

5- Kim Joo-Young in Sky Castle – Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

7 bad guys in K-dramas, handsome and devilishly evil K-Selection

Antagonists in K-dramas, women are no less threatening than men. Although they don’t go as far as mass killing, they don’t hesitate to play dirty tricks. This highly acclaimed K-drama explores the lives of the rich and elite in an upscale residential area called Sky Castle. At the heart of the drama are four families whose only goal, aside from outdoing each other, is to ensure their children are admitted to prestigious universities.

Han Seo-jin (Yum Jung-ah), the wife of a wealthy doctor, hires famous coach Kim Joo-young (Kim Seo-young) to have her daughter become a doctor as well. She begins teaching the other children in the building as well. But what the parents don’t know is that Joo-young is mentally unstable and uses her manipulative tricks to control them, which ultimately impacts their mental health. She is not a simple villain. His calculating and unbalanced personality is the result of a traumatic past. She works like a slow poison on children’s minds despite being a mother herself, making her terrifying in a chilling way.

6- Cheon So Jin in The Penthouse – Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

7 bad guys in K-dramas, handsome and devilishly evil K-Selection

Like Sky Castle, this critically acclaimed K-drama is based on the lives of the ultra-rich living in a high-end residential complex called Hera Palace. The story mainly focuses on three women: Shim Soo-ryeon (Lee Ji-ah), a kind-hearted woman, Cheon Seo-jin (Kim So-yeon), a successful and ambitious opera soprano; and Oh Yoon-hee (Eugene), a former aspiring soprano determined to reach the top of the social hierarchy.

As the story unfolds, shocking secrets about the families come to light. No character is completely white; almost every character has a hidden dark side. However, Seo-jin takes the spotlight as the crazy antagonist. She’s stylish, elegant and super confident, a facade that hides the evil within her. Greed and ambition have darkened his heart, blurring the line between good and evil.

7- Baek Hi-Sung in Flower of Evil – Netflix, Jio Cinema

7 bad guys in K-dramas, handsome and devilishly evil K-Selection

This captivating psychological thriller follows Baek Hee-sung (Lee Joon-gi), a successful metal craftsman and loving husband, who leads a perfectly enviable life with his wife Cha Ji-won (Moon Chae-won), a police detective. , and their daughter. However, Hee-sung hides a dark secret and a troubled past with his first wife. His double life is strewn with lies, deception and murder.

Their happy marital world is turned upside down when Hee-sung emerges as the prime suspect in a series of murders. However, the incredible twist comes from Kim Ji-hoon as Baek Hee-sung. Emotionally detached and lacking in rational thought, he kills to relieve tension and becomes threatening as soon as he wakes from a coma. His wealthy parents help him by allowing themselves to be blamed to cover up his crimes. The mystery and suspense keep you in suspense as Ji-hoon unleashes horror.

Who would you add to this list?