Despite declining audience rates, the “Lovely Runner” phenomenon continues to be emulated and even becomes the series that we talk about the most today.

‘Lovely Runner’ Proves Global Influence Despite Low Audience Ratings

With its unique time-shifting elements, “Lovely Runner” managed to capture the attention of many people and exceed viewers’ expectations. Certainly, the romantic series is not aimed at all age groups like “Queen of Tears”, but, surprisingly, it attracts an audience totally involved in the drama.

Made up of 16 episodes, the series has already aired 10, and even if its audience rate fluctuates between 3 and 4%, it remains one of the most popular romantic dramas at the moment. Good Data Corporation reveals that ‘Lovely Runner’ topped the OTT drama popularity rankings for the first week of May and to top it off, lead actors Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon occupy the first and second places in the ranking. list of the most popular actors.

“Lovely Runner”, a real success despite its low audience ratings and its absence on Netflix K-Sélection

The screenwriter’s brilliant screenplay and the director’s detailed direction provide a perfect combo

As dramas previously produced by tvN with similar themes did not attract much interest, “Lovely Runner” was not a highly anticipated work at first. Using techniques she developed while creating “True Beauty,” screenwriter Lee Si Eun departed from the original novel, “The Best of Tomorrow,” by bringing the story back to 2008 and incorporating nostalgic items such as MP3 players and Cyworld, thus evoking the nostalgia of women in their 30s and 40s.

It was by parodying dialogues and scenes from other novels, and adding music like “Umbrella” by Younha and “I Think I Did” by Kim Hyung Jung, that the audience was able to better immerse themselves in the story. ‘history. In addition to the successful harmonization of script, direction and acting, the natural chemistry between the main actors also plays an important role in “Lovely Runner”.

“Lovely Runner”, a real success despite its low audience ratings and its absence on Netflix K-Sélection

Even the height differences between Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon are getting viewers excited.

Despite Its Limitations, ‘Lovely Runner’ Becomes a Hit K-Drama

Having started out as a model, Byeon Woo Seok, who has been working in the entertainment industry for around ten years, is now reaching the prime of his life. He was admired throughout the series for his “first love” image. Kim Hye Yoon’s strong acting also complemented the role of the heartbreaker.

Apart from the fact that “Lovely Runner” does not have a leading actor or a known writer or director, it is not broadcast on global platforms like Netflix, and can only be broadcast on streaming platforms. Asian content like Viu, Rakuten, iQIYI, and U-Next.

“Lovely Runner”, a real success despite its low audience ratings and its absence on Netflix K-Sélection

Despite the fact that Kim Hye Yoon has been little known thanks to her past works, discussions took place among overseas stakeholders just before the premiere of “Lovely Runner” about the identity of the actress. It also appears that production focused more on finding actors suited to their roles than on casting big stars. The “Sun Jae” craze has gone beyond Korea and has now reached global popularity.

Indeed, “Lovely Runner” topped the most-watched K-dramas in nearly 130 countries during its launch week. Meanwhile, the fictional boy band Eclipse, which features in the drama, is also gaining recognition, with fans asking him to organize a concert as well as meet-and-greets with them.

As for their song “Sudden Shower”, it entered the Melon rankings. The fact that fans are taking the initiative to promote the drama and wondering why the ratings are so low is interesting. For his part, CJ ENM is delighted with the success beyond expectations that “Lovely Runner” has achieved.

“Lovely Runner” was so successful that it was difficult to manage. It must be said that it is very encouraging to see that there are practically no anti-fans and that a large number of people praise it. Everyone became fans, from the marketing team to internal staff, getting caught up in the “Sun Jae” craze.

“Lovely Runner”, a real success despite its low audience ratings and its absence on Netflix K-Sélection

And you, were you captivated by “Lovely Runner”?

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