It was on May 14, 2024 that BTS’ drama Begins Youth aired the latest episode 12 on the official website, Xclusive, in which we see Kim Hwan finally decide to return to the past, hinting at the possibility of saving his six friends , including Min Cein, Hosu, Dogeon, Haru, Jooan and Jaeha, of their tragic fate.

This latest episode quickly created a buzz on social media, as fans discussed a possible renewal of the series for a second season. While some fans unearthed never-before-seen scenes from the Begins Youth trailer to support their theory about the series being renewed for a second season, others began to fervently hope.

So, Jong-hyun, who plays Min Cein, aka Suga, in the drama, responded to a fan comment on YouTube that he wanted a second season. Fans wished for more episodes due to the series’ ambiguous ending. An Internet user shared unseen scenes from the Begins Youth trailer and said: « These are not new scenes. Season 2 is coming soon, believe me.« 

begins youth season 2

Since the characters in the series experienced difficult circumstances that moved viewers to tears, Internet users desperately wanted a second season of Begins Youth. The latter also gave a multitude of compliments on the composition of the cast, the screenplay, the soundtrack and other cinematographic elements. A fan commented:

« I need these boys to be happy, I need the next season right away! How much pain did they think I was capable of enduring? SEASON 2 NOW.”

Another netizen also commented: “ We are waiting for a season 2 and for the seven to live together, since their parents are trash and they would be better off without them »

 » Since #BeginsYouth ended we need season 2. I can’t say enough about how good this drama is and how you should watch it, the story, actors and soundtrack are brilliant, you don’t have to be a fan of BTS to fall in love with them, they will conquer your heart to the point that you will always want to protect them…” said another fan

The way the drama respected the Bangtan Universe and The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (HYYH era), from which Begins Youth was adapted, was also appreciated by many fans, who called the series a masterpiece. wishing that Jin would make an appearance if the drama was renewed for a second season.

The end of Begins Youth explained, BTS fans await its return for a season 2 K-Selection

One user commented: » In addition to being very good, Begins Youth is very well written, and the actors did a fantastic job. It was by watching how the Bangtan universe comes to life that I understood a lot more about the story of each character. I wish we had a season 2, and can we imagine Jin making an appearance?

“”HYYH is a masterpiece just like Begins ≠ Youth and everyone should watch it and there must be a season 2 no matter what !!!!! » commented another fan.

The end of Begins Youth explained, BTS fans await its return for a season 2 K-Selection

Kim Hwan traveled back in time to protect his friends in Begins Youth

BTS’ drama Begins Youth is about the lives of seven young adults who strive to live an honest life, but face many challenges and obstacles to earn a living. Despite the difficulties, the seven boys rely on each other to lead a happy life. The actors played the following characters in this drama called “Beginnings Youth”:

  • Seo Ji-hoon as Kim Hwan, aka Jin
  • Noh Jong-hyun as Min Cein, aka Suga
  • Ahn Ji-ho as Jeong Hosu, aka j-hope
  • Seo Young-joo as Kim Dogeon, aka Kim Namjoon
  • Kim Yoon-woo as Park Haru, aka Jimin
  • Jung Woo-jin as Kim Jooan, aka Kim Taehyung
  • Jeon Jin-seo as Jeon Jae-ha, aka Jungkook

The end of Begins Youth explained, BTS fans await its return for a season 2 K-Selection

In the latest episode of BTS drama “Begins Youth”, Dogeon is seen struggling to make ends meet and arguing with his mother due to a lack of money. Although his mother wanted him to continue supporting his family, he had to drop out of high school to work odd jobs on a construction site and run errands as a delivery boy to save money for his University studies .

One day, Dogeon unfortunately had an accident while delivering food in the pouring rain. Wounded, he went to his mother to give her his booklet and begged her to save him. It was then that Dogeon told him that he would no longer be able to support his family and he found a job at a gas pump and accommodation in the town of Begins Youth.

Jooan confesses to Dogeon that he misses him with a shaky voice over the phone, as if he is crying, before ending the call abruptly, leaving Dogeon perplexed. The scene then continues on the beach, where Jooan and Dogeon talk about the fact that they have not heard from each other for a long time. Begins Youth also provides explanations for the comings and goings of Jooan, who waited in front of his mother and sister’s house with his friend. After a hot meal with them, his mother asked him to live with them, providing him with the access code to the house, which corresponded to his birthday. Jooan then went to his drunkard father, asking him to stop drinking otherwise he would live with his mother and sister.

He then convinced him and took him to their home, while guaranteeing them that he would get treatment and live in harmony with them. Seeing his father’s violent behavior as he continued to abuse them, Jooan tried to stop him, but he was pushed to the ground, where he injured his ears again. It was in the heat of the moment that Jooan stabbed his father with a knife before falling to the ground. He then called the police and confessed to his crime as his shocked mother and sister looked on. With a heartbreaking voice, Jooan then called Dogeon and confessed that she missed him.

The end of Begins Youth explained, BTS fans await its return for a season 2 K-Selection

In Begins Youth, we also follow Haru’s life in the hospital, who often injures himself to avoid living with his parents. He is then seen having a heartfelt conversation with Hosu at the beach, during which they lied about the kind of life they led and agreed to live together in the same house after Haru got out of the hospital. Haru also mentions his desire to live independently, to which Hosu responds that he will take care of everything.

It is during this conversation that Hosu says he was popular among the kids in his neighborhood, although in reality he was bullied by the people in his neighborhood, who not only took money from him but also physically attacked him so that he had to leave the place and consult a psychiatrist. The difficult circumstances, however, pushed Hosu to consume numerous pills, thus foreshadowing his tragic departure.

The end of Begins Youth explained, BTS fans await its return for a season 2 K-Selection

The scene then continues with Min Cein, who arranges medicine for her father while working at a funeral home. That’s when he meets the principal of his school, who apparently hurt his mother to the point of inciting her to do something bad. Seeing the director sitting in his car, Min Chein smashed the vehicle’s rearview mirror with a fire extinguisher, causing him to be taken to the police station. His father later posted bail to get him out and expressed frustration over his actions. In the process, he asked Min Cein if he was behind the incident in which his mother burned to death. Depressed, Min Cein took refuge in a hotel where he burned a photo of himself with his mother before setting the establishment on fire and committing suicide.

We then cut to the scene where Jaeha visits the group’s hideout, where he discovers a diary which contains details of the events, photos of locations, crime scenes and other things that have happened before but should also happen in the future. He discovered a photo of Jooan’s mother’s house showing yellow police tape outside her apartment. When Jaeha went to Jooan’s apartment the next day, he found that he was in the same condition as the newspaper reported.

That’s when Jooan’s friend informed Jaeha that he was at the Begins Youth police station. He then left a voicemail for Min Cein, informing him that he had discovered a strange journal with a key that he had left lying around. Jaeha then discovered a photo of the Dul Ya Hotel on fire following an arson incident involving suicide.

The end of Begins Youth explained, BTS fans await its return for a season 2 K-Selection

It was there that he discovered that the hotel was located at the Gyeongdong Discount Mart. That evening, he went to the Dul Ya Hotel, where he discovered that someone had died in an arson attack, leading him to call Min Cein, who did not answer him. So Jaeha left a voicemail saying he was afraid something bad was going to happen and asked her to answer the call.

In Begins Youth, viewers are then transported to a beach where Jaeha sits on top of a bridge and reads everything that is written in the newspaper. It was then that a voice rang out, announcing another failure, since someone was traveling through endless time and had not been able to prevent the inevitable. Before the scene cuts to Kim Hwan, who was floating under a bubble, we can see that Jaeha eventually jumped into the ocean, implying that he also committed suicide due to the current difficulties.

After Jeha’s sad demise, a voice rang out, announcing the start of Kim Hwan’s endless time travel, going back in time to save his six friends from their tragic faith, and the words that were spoken were as follows: “ In the end, it’s not the end, but an endless beginning, strange and familiar

The end of Begins Youth explained, BTS fans await its return for a season 2 K-Selection

The scene then continues with Kim Hwan who sets foot again in the Songju-si district where he meets his six friends, Dogeon, Jooan, Jeha, Min Cein, Haru and Hosu, in Begins Youth. The end of Begins Youth is marked by the tears of Kim Hwan as he watches his friends having fun at the beach while he himself has traveled back in time to save them from their tragic fate. It was then that he joined the six friends who beckoned him to join them, which he did by running.

Consisting of twelve episodes, Begins Youth is available for streaming on the official Xclusive website.