IVE’s agency Starship Entertainment has taken proactive steps to enhance safety measures for Jang Won Young in response to recent threats.

On May 9, Starship Entertainment released the following statement:

Hello. This is Starship Entertainment.

Yesterday, a post threatening the safety of our artist, IVE’s Jang Won Young, was uploaded on a community platform.

The post, which specified the date and time of the threat, has been reported to the police, who have initiated an investigation into the matter. We have requested swift investigation and protective measures for our artist, and we are prepared to take legal action as soon as the poster’s identity is confirmed.

To ensure the safety of our artists, we are enlisting additional professional security personnel and reviewing the security of our artists’ travel routes, residences, and workplaces. Moving forward, we will intensify monitoring against any threats to our artists’ safety and respond promptly and strongly to any such occurrences.

We will continue to do our best to protect the safety of our artists in the future as well.