Good period dramas excite us all, and the Korean entertainment gods know this well judging from the many dashing but fictional TV crown princes who have wooed the hearts of fans around the world. While some are known for their wit and humor, others are described as gentle and empathetic, or perhaps even rigid and chivalrous, always ready to defend their beloved’s honor.

Paired with stunning physiques, it’s no wonder so many of these blue-blooded heirs have conquered dreams and fantasies by the dozen. Discover here our selection of the most memorable royal protagonists.

The royal history of South Korea is both long and rich because the Joseon dynasty spanned more than 500 years and saw artistic flourishing, the birth of Hangul and technological innovations. At the head of it all were a series of rulers who defended their kingdoms against incursions, maintained social and financial order, and worked toward prosperity.

The best princes of historical K-Dramas K-Selection

History has also seen its share of political unrest, with some leading coups and others suffering the consequences. They are naturally favorite subjects for historical shows and films. Among the most popular historical titles in the Korean entertainment industry are romances, mysteries or comedies featuring characters aspiring to the throne.

Here we bring you a selection of the most attractive crown princes in K-drama history, from stoic rulers to gentle, loving men.

  • The crown princes with the most beautiful and striking ones in K-dramas
  • Yi San, The Red Sleeve

The best princes of historical K-Dramas K-Selection

This royal romance features a sovereign who puts his duties before love and who falls in love with a strong-willed courtesan determined to maintain his freedom. Despite a prickly and arrogant appearance due to a difficult childhood and the trauma of losing his father, Yi San (played by Lee Jun-ho) is also charismatic in his own right. If his role as king makes him a perfectionist in his own right and he fulfills his commitments with dedication, his loving side gives him gentleness and romanticism. It is enjoyable to witness his development into a caring and compassionate leader. What’s more, its charm is not negligible.

  • Lee Hwon, The Moon Embracing The Sun

The best princes of historical K-Dramas K-Selection

A dowager queen paves the way to the throne for her son by ordering the assassination of the crown princess but, as fate would have it, the latter survives while losing her memory and becoming a shaman. She returns to the palace years later to cure the king of an illness and things begin to fall into place. Lee Hwon, played by Kim Soo-hyun, is an intelligent crown prince who remains devoted to his love, a woman of the nobility, even after her death. If in his role as a king he is firm, confident and fair with a good support system, in his role as a man in love he is gentle, playful, loyal and devoted. Endowed with great intuition, he perceives something abnormal when he meets the shaman and begins to investigate the death of the love of his life.

  • Lee Yool, 100 Days My Prince

The best princes of historical K-Dramas K-Selection

Following an accident that caused him to lose his memory, a man from the royal family leads the life of a commoner. It was at this time that he met a daring, independent and strong-minded woman, who happened to be the oldest single woman in her kingdom. While the first struggles to regain his memory, they both fall in love. Playing Crown Prince Lee Yull, actor DO is fair, idealistic and intelligent, and he is skilled in martial arts and archery, which is quite impressive.

His devotion to his first love, whom he met in his childhood, does not allow him to fulfill his duties as a husband in his current loveless marriage. His innocence and inherent kindness give him a certain charm, even as he struggles hilariously with everyday tasks and conversations.

  • Yi Kang, Under The Queen’s Umbrella

The best princes of historical K-Dramas K-Selection

To ensure that her sons are fit to ascend the throne, a queen strives to discipline them by abandoning protocol and taking charge of their education. His son Sung Nam or Yi Kang (played by Moon Sang Min), who is next in line, is impulsive, immature and irritable at first, but then develops into a rather honorable man. His dedication to his people and his family pushes him to show generosity and kindness, but he is also very determined and willing to do anything to achieve his goals. With his attractive physique and his charm, it is easy to understand why the crown prince is one of the favorite characters of K-drama fans.

  • Lee Hwan, Our Blooming Youth

The best princes of historical K-Dramas K-Selection

Accused of having poisoned his older brother, a king has his death announced by a prophecy. The only person who can save him is a noblewoman who is on the run after being accused of murdering her fiancé’s family. Crown Prince Lee Hwan played by Park Hyung Sik initially comes across as cold and irritable, before revealing himself to be sensitive, supportive and vulnerable. Although he has no ego regarding his rank, position or abilities, as a man in love he is selfless, loyal and loving. If that doesn’t mean dreamy, we don’t know what does.

  • Lee Myeong, Love In The Moonlight

The best princes of historical K-Dramas K-Selection

A young king in line to the throne becomes close to a eunuch, and their seemingly strange relationship continues into adulthood. As a child, the crown prince played by Park Bo-gum is mischievous and has a dynamic personality, which bothers most members of the court due to his unpredictable and impulsive nature. He does not lose his humor as he grows up, while being recognized for his kindness, intelligence, maturity, charm, loyalty, respect and abilities.

Not only is he gifted in art and music but he is also very skilled and easily handles political games.




Between Yi San and Lee Hwan, which one won your heart?