If you’re a K-drama lover, chances are you’re already watching the ongoing TV series Lovely Runner or have fellow fans who already consider it one of the best K-dramas in the world. year.

The series stars Byeon Woo-seok and Kim Hye-yoon and is a fantasy romance with time travel. It follows Im Sol, a disabled fan of idol Ryu Sun-jae, who gets a chance to travel back in time after the musician has a fatal accident. She now has the opportunity to rewrite their destinies and change the future.

5 K-Dramas Similar to “Lovely Runner” K-Selection

If you’ve managed to catch up on all the episodes of the show and want more, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. These K-dramas explore similar themes and can keep you entertained while you wait for the next episode to release. Good viewing !

1- Marry My Husband

5 K-Dramas Similar to “Lovely Runner” K-Selection

Although the show is diametrically opposed to the wholesome vibe of Lovely Runner, Marry My Husband touches on themes of time travel and rewriting destinies. In this K-drama, Kang Ji-won (Park Min-young) is murdered by her husband and her best friend after discovering their affair. Through divine intervention, she has the opportunity to return to the past, seek revenge and change her future.

2- A Time Called You

5 K-Dramas Similar to “Lovely Runner” K-Selection

Jeon Yeo-been and Ahn Hyo-seop star in this K-drama about grief and love. The story tells the journey of a woman who, after the death of her boyfriend, travels back in time and meets a man who is very similar to her.

3- Tomorrow With You

Tomorrow With You

In this K-drama, CEO Yoo So-joon possesses the power to travel through time. When he witnesses a tragic future for himself, he decides to marry the cheerful photographer Song Ma-rin even though he is not in love with her. Can he avoid his fate? Watch to find out.

4- Twinkling Watermelon

5 K-Dramas Similar to “Lovely Runner” K-Selection

This K-drama, in the vein of Back to the Future, follows a boy passionate about music, despite his father’s opposition, who is offered a chance to travel back in time. Arriving in 1995, he became friends with the young father and explored the dream of making music together.

5- Go Back Couple

5 K-Dramas Similar to “Lovely Runner” K-Selection

Choi Ban-do and Ma Jin-joo are unhappily married to each other in the present day and are facing their own demons. One day, when they wake up, they are transported back in time, returning to when they were twenty years old. This time, they decide to make different choices, including never dating!