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In a revealing video interview with Arena Homme+ Korea, Song Joong Ki took the opportunity to look back at his filmography and discuss the core values that have shaped his personal and professional life.

During the interview, Song shared a light moment about his current downtime, “I’m taking a break after finishing the movie ‘My Name Is Loh Kiwan.’ I’m not sure if I should say this, but it’s baseball season, and I spend every evening watching the Hanwha Eagles,” he shared with a smile.

Afterward, the actor had time to look over his past projects. Starting by comparing himself to Kang Ma Ru from the 2012 drama The Innocent Man, Song discussed his own threshold for tolerance. “I think I endure a lot normally like Ma Ru,” he said. But he added, “When I encounter rudeness that goes beyond common sense, then that’s my limit.”

Revisiting another character, Chul Soo from the 2012 film A Werewolf Boy, Song was asked how long he could wait for someone, akin to his character’s patient nature. “I think I could wait about half a day,” he responded.

He also touched on his role as Yoo Shi Jin from the 2016 drama Descendants of the Sun, revealing that fans often tell him he frequently uses the phrase “sincerely.” The actor noted, “It seems I use that word a lot unconsciously.”

While discussing his experience shooting the 2021 drama Vincenzo, Song felt a particular connection to his earlier role in The Innocent Man. “It was incredibly satisfying, like taking a digestive after a meal. I was reminded a lot of ‘The Innocent Man’ during that time,” he explained.

When asked about what has sustained him through tough times, Song emphatically credited his family. “My family is my pillar. And last year, I spent time with fans at the theater for the first time in a while, and seeing how much they enjoyed my new work made me realize I need to carry this responsibility with even more diligence,” he concluded.

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