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Queen of Tears villain Park Sung Hoon recently addressed rumors surrounding his family’s wealth and opened up about his challenging financial past. During his recent appearance on tvN’s You Quiz on the Block, he clarified misconceptions about his upbringing.

Speaking on the show, Park Sung Hoon dismissed speculation about his supposed privileged background, saying, “I didn’t grow up in a wealthy family. My family was one of those who was hit hard by the IMF crisis. My father worked at a bank but retired during the IMF era.” He recounted his tough school days, “Once, my friends and I went to see a movie, and they wanted to grab burgers afterward. I didn’t have money, so I sat on the stairs and waited.”

The Queen of Tears star also shared details of his financial struggles during his military service, explaining, “It took eight months from my leave as a private first class and one as corporal. That’s a long time. When I said I was going on leave after eight months, my mother asked, ‘Can you not come?’ She said, ‘Your father and I are eating rice with only water and kimchi now. We have no money to spare.’”

Having tried many part-time jobs due to financial difficulties, Park Sung Hoon revealed that he earned only 50,000 KRW (about $37 USD) in a year while working in theater, which left everyone surprised. “I lived with a roommate for about seven years in a half-basement house similar to the one Song Kang Ho lived in in ‘Parasite,’” he said. “I borrowed the deposit from my sister and paid it back monthly. Every monsoon season, the sink would back up, and water would rise up to my shins.”

While gaining recognition for his role as Jang Go Rae in My Only One, Park Sung Hoon received news that his father had suffered a stroke. He shared, “My father was delivering credit cards. He was about to take off his shoes to enter a building and bent over when a weakened blood vessel ruptured, and he collapsed. Due to the stroke, he lost mobility on one side,” he recounted tearfully.


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