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tvN’s Queen of Tears left a profound impact on audiences, continuing to resonate even after its grand finale on April 28th and a subsequent special broadcast. A look at the drama’s monumental production and success reveals the unique story of its creation through compelling numbers.

Global Viewing Hours Surpass 460 Million: As of May 8th, according to Netflix, Queen of Tears has amassed an impressive 460 million viewing horse since its release on March 9th, approaching the 500 million mark. To put this into perspective, The Night Agent: Season 1 had 810 million hours over six months, and Ginny & Georgia: Season 2 logged 665 million in the same timeframe, underscoring the rapid success of Queen of Tears in just over two months.

Record-Breaking Ratings: The series finale surged to a peak rating of 27.3% with an average of 24.9%, making it tvN’s highest-rated show ever. Starting from a modest 5.9% in its debut, the series smashed the 10% mark by its fourth episode, continuously setting new highs over eight weeks without a single dip. The final episode surpassing the previous record-holder on tvN, Crash Landing on You.

Kim Soo Hyun’s Emotional Performance: Kim Soo Hyun, portraying Baek Hyun Woo, delivered tears in 40 different scenes, averaging about 2.5 crying scenes per episode, adding a deep emotional layer to his character.

Kim Ji Won’s Dazzling Wardrobe: Playing the stylish Hong Hae In, owner of Queen’s Department Store, Kim Ji Won wore a staggering total of 166 outfits throughout the series, averaging over ten per episode. At the production announcement, Kim Ji Won noted, “I did a lot of research on chaebol families and focused on the styling to truly embody Hong Hae In.”

Epic Filming Spanning 331 Days: The production spanned 331 days, capturing all four seasons from December 2022 to April 2024, amounting to approximately 17 months of intense production.

A Cast of 793 Actors: Queen of Tears featured 793 actors, each adding their unique flair and depth to the series, enhancing its emotional and comedic appeal.

Digital Footprint Reaches 1.76 Billion Views: Digital clips of the drama have accumulated over 1.76 billion views across various platforms, averaging 100 million views weekly over 15 weeks. This pre and post-broadcast virality helped Queen of Tears dominate the Good Data Corporation’s TV-OTT drama popularity rankings for eight consecutive weeks during its broadcast.


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