From geeks to witches, zombies and hoteliers, girl group Purple Kiss is known for its different and unique concepts. Now, the group is ready to add its own new look in its latest EP “BXX.”

“When we had the opportunity to talk to our CEO, we told him that we wanted [a hip concept] and that we wanted to talk about our friendship in our next album. He said yes to our plan, and we tried our best to do just that,” Purple Kiss’ Chaein said in an interview with the press at the RBW headquarters in Gwangjin District, eastern Seoul, ahead of the EP’s release on Tuesday.

“We’ve always had the ambition to release an album that shows our own story, to produce multiple albums that both we and the public can relate to. And as we celebrate our three-year anniversary [in March], we thought it was the perfect time to release an album about ourselves,” Chaein added.

Purple Kiss’s story starts with the title, “BXX,” which is a combination of the phrase BFF for “best friends forever” and XX, the female chromosome. The concept also shows a villain-esque side of Purple Kiss, as they are dressed like rebels in concept photos and as hackers in their music video teaser.
“The concept represents the wild girls that we are,” Chaein said. “And we are using the villain-like concept as a medium to tell our stories.”
This “hip” concept was what all six members of Purple Kiss were waiting for, according to Yuki.
“Our members feel like siblings to each other, and that’s what our fans have been telling us too,” Swan said. “So we tried to unpack the story of our friendship, saying that we are villains working together to break the norms of society,” Swan said.
“But being a villain doesn’t mean that we are crossing the line; it’s a more kitsch interpretation of it. You’ll see us on top of a basketball hoop, and when you look carefully into our ‘hacking scenes,’ you’ll soon find out that the text on screen is just filled with our names in English and our birthdays.”
“With the lyrics, we are trying to say that we are doing what we want to do, while also doing what we should be doing.”

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