PURPLE KISS is heading abroad on tour!

On April 25 at midnight KST, PURPLE KISS officially announced their plans for their 2024 tour “BXX.”

This June, the group will kick off their tour in the United States, where they will perform in Oceanside on June 2, Las Vegas on June 5, Salt Lake City on June 7, Sacramento on June 10, San Jose on June 11, Portland on June 13, and Seattle on June 14.

PURPLE KISS will then head to Canada, where they will perform in Vancouver on June 16, Edmonton on June 18, Calgary on June 19, Regina on June 22, Winnipeg on June 24, Toronto on June 27, Montreal on June 29, Quebec City on June 30, and Halifax on July 2.

Finally, PURPLE KISS will return to Asia to perform in Japan, where they will hold concerts in Osaka and Kanagawa on July 17 and July 20 respectively.

Are you excited for PURPLE KISS’s tour?