For those who crave mystery, thrills and scary games, here are 6 K-Dramas to add to your viewing list!  

  • “Night Has Come”
  • Mystery, Suspense and Bloody Games: 6 K-dramas to start now K-Selection

Mysterious messages, strange places, unsolved mysteries and deadly games. Mystery and thriller fans around the world have been seduced by “Night Has Come”, a series from U+Mobiletv which features a group of high school students forced to play a deadly game in a mysterious school. With a breakneck pace throughout its 12 episodes, the series ended with a gripping twist, leaving many questions unanswered and millions of viewers eager to know more.

  • “Squid Game”

Squid Games

There is no doubt that “Squid Game”, where 456 people play a deadly game to win a considerable amount of money, is one of the most successful Korean series of all time. Starring actors like Lee JungJae, Jung HoYeon, Wi HaJoon and Lee ByungHun, the series tells the story of a group of people who find themselves in the middle of a deadly game, much like in “Night Has Come” . The difference is that this time, they are the ones who chose to stay in the game!

After losing his job, Seong GiHun (Lee JungJae) finds himself in a difficult financial situation and one day, a man in a suit approaches him saying something very strange that he has a chance to win millions of dollars if he agrees to participate in a game. Unable to do otherwise, Seong GiHun accepts the proposal, which quickly plunges him into a bloody survival game!

  • “Nightmare Teacher”

  • Mystery, Suspense and Bloody Games: 6 K-dramas to start now K-Selection

Viewers are captivated not only by the deadly mafia game that the “Night Has Come” series offers, but also by the uniqueness and strangeness of its settings, characters and situations. In the same spirit, the series “Nightmare Teacher”, starring Kim SoHyun, Lee MinHyuk of BTOB and Uhm KiJoon, creates a sinister, chilling and mysterious atmosphere. Following the sick leave of one of the teachers at Yosan’s private high school, a new teacher is appointed to take care of the class. Everything seems to indicate that he is a friendly and courteous teacher because he interacts with the students and even offers to advise them. Things get serious, however, when students start coming to his room, one after the other, as each of them begins to behave strangely and undergo changes. This phenomenon attracts the attention of two students, Kang YeRim (Kim SoHyun) and Seo SangWoo (Lee MinHyuk), who decide to investigate. Everything becomes complicated when they realize that not only do the students who visit the staff room change, but they also disappear from everyone’s memory and cease to exist.

  • “Death Bell”

Mystery, Suspense and Bloody Games: 6 K-dramas to start now K-Selection

One of the best options for those looking for movies or K-Dramas like “Night Has Come” is “Death Bell”.

Deadly games, high school students, blood and darkness. The horror film “Death Bell”, released in 2008, is an essential reference when it comes to a group of high school students forced to undergo terrifying ordeals in order to survive. As the only film on the list similar to “Night Has Come”, “Death Bell” is very similar to it in terms of plot and story details.

While a group of students at a prestigious Korean high school are taking a routine exam, the classroom television suddenly turns on to display the image of a classmate on the screen. quickly immersed in a well-stocked aquarium. Throughout the class, a voice rings out and orders the students to answer the questions asked, otherwise their friends will die. Although they try to escape the classroom without understanding what is happening, they soon realize that they are trapped and cannot get out. Students must answer questions quickly and accurately in order to survive. However, it is not easy, in this stressful environment where everything happens quickly, to answer questions and avoid a horrible death. »

Starring Nam GyuRi, Lee BeomSeok, and Kim Beom, “Death Bell” has a survival theme, just like “Night Has Come,” but this time with puzzle solving.

  • “Duty After School”

Mystery, Suspense and Bloody Games: 6 K-dramas to start now K-Selection

It may be the series “Duty After School”, whose reputation is well established in 2023, that you will want to watch after “Night Has Come”, because it tells the story of a group of high school students who must fight desperately to survive, without being forced to play a game.

Adapted from the webtoon of the same name, the series tells the adventure of high school students and teachers who are forced to fight against aliens to survive. The invasion of unusual aliens around the world radically changes the lives of South Korean high school students. Faced with the inadequacy of existing military forces to combat the aliens, students who normally prepared for university entrance exams are forced to join the South Korean army. Their academic success and their lives now depend entirely on this incredible reality.

  • “All of Us Are Dead”

Mystery, Suspense and Bloody Games: 6 K-dramas to start now K-Selection

In most cases, the survival instinct is the most accurate and revealing aspect of a person’s character. Depicting the struggle for survival of a group of high school students after a zombie outbreak, “All of Us Are Dead” conveys an atmosphere filled with mystery and suspense, delving into the dark side of humanity, just like “Night Has Come.”

As a terrifying zombie epidemic spreads across South Korea, a group of high school students find themselves trapped in Hyosan High School. Flesh-eating zombies have invaded the entire school and their numbers are increasing by the second. To survive, students must be extremely careful and find a way to escape the school. However, it is difficult to stay alive and trust yourself in a situation where you can turn into a zombie at any time.

The fast pace of each episode, the theme of survival and the exploration of the darker aspects of humanity make “All of Us Are Dead” a series that you might consider if you enjoyed “Night Has Come.”

Combining the theme of survival with bloody gameplay, Night Has Come concluded with its 12th episode. The existence of a second season of the series is not yet certain, but what is certain is that Korean dramas in the mystery-thriller and survival genre will always be eagerly awaited!