Upcoming film “Drive” has revealed its release schedule—and its first poster!

“Drive” is a new action thriller with a chilling premise: a popular streamer is kidnapped and locked inside the trunk of a car, where she must earn 650 million won (approximately $469,576) through a one-hour live broadcast in order to survive.

Park Ju Hyun will star as Han Yoo Na, a popular YouTuber with over 700,000 subscribers. After being kidnapped by a mysterious figure, she is forced to livestream her own kidnapping from the trunk of a car that is speeding downtown—and she will only be allowed to live if she manages to earn 650 million won through her stream in one hour.

“Drive,” which has been invited to screen at multiple international film festivals, will be released in theaters in June.

Check out the suspenseful new poster for “Drive” below!

While you wait for “Drive,” watch Park Ju Hyun in “The Forbidden Marriage” on Viki here:

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