BL K-drama “Boys Be Brave!” finally premiered with two fun episodes. A so-called “cute little cockroach” moves into his friend’s house, a secret crush actually isn’t so secret after all, and an old flame comes back with a sad expression and unclear intentions.

When a new show starts, there are always some unexplained things that aren’t revealed until later episodes. The equal mix of excitement and restlessness while waiting for new episodes to be released is so real. Here are five questions to think about while waiting for the next episodes to be released!

Warning: spoilers for the premiere ahead.

1. Why did Jung Ki Sub really move in?

The story starts with the painfully goofy Jung Ki Sub (Nam Shi An) moving into Kim Jin Woo’s (Kim Sung Hyun) house without his permission. It’s not until Ki Sub’s already moving his things in that Jin Woo hears about it and sprints home to find him there.

Quoting a roommate-wanted ad posted a whole year ago, Ki Sub declares he’s the perfect roommate for Jin Woo. Ki Sub says he just needs a place to stay for a month until he goes to the U.S., which Jin Woo had no idea about. Already making himself at home, Ki Sub says he’ll just be a cute cockroach for a while!

Jin Woo can barely recover when he’s hit with another unwanted surprise: Ki Sub nonchalantly says he knows Jin Woo has had a crush on him like it’s no big deal. And Ki Sub’s goal suddenly becomes getting Jin Woo to ask him out. Was his going to the U.S. a lie or only partly true? He’s clearly very determined to live with Jin Woo, but the why and why now hasn’t been revealed yet.

2. Why does Ki Sub always say “yes”?

Ki Sub always says “yes” to everything and everyone. This makes him look like an agreeable, happy-go-lucky guy, but it can also backfire. In one flashback, Ki Sub unintentionally hurts his ex-girlfriend’s feelings when he agrees to give another girl his number just because she asked. This is an obvious no-no in every dating 101 book, but Ki Sub didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Another time, a woman who is obviously trying to pull some sort of scam calls out Ki Sub on the street and asks if he has time to talk. Of course, he happily agrees. Eventually, even the woman is taken aback by how willing he is to agree to everything she says.

His tendency to say yes is also the reason Jin Woo doesn’t see any point in confessing to him. Jin Woo feels that Ki Sub would be willing to date anyone, so a “yes” to his confession wouldn’t feel sincere or special at all. Beyond agreeing with everyone, it seems like Ki Sub actually doesn’t know his own opinion or feelings on things.

Behind every yes man is a deeper story, so it’ll be interesting to get some background on why Ki Sub is the way he is.

3. Why does Choi Balgeum work so many part-time jobs?

Choi Balgeum (Jung Yeo Joon), this drama’s designated Jack of all trades, has a lot of part-time jobs. Over the course of the first two episodes, he’s shown working as a delivery man, waiter, and a personal mover for Ki Sub. In fact, he’s run into Jin Woo many times while making deliveries, so even Jin Woo wonders what kind of situation he may be in.

4. How will Ki Sub and Jin Woo’s contract work out?

Ever since Ki Sub declared he’d be living with Jin Woo, Jin Woo has been trying to get rid of him. Living with your crush is one thing, but living with your crush who knows you like them is a whole other ballpark.

Just when Jin Woo has had enough and is about to kick Ki Sub out (again), Ki Sub writes up an agreement that states Jin Woo has to ask out Ki Sub if he is able to become Jin Woo’s ideal type. If not, Ki Sub will move out for good. Will Jin Woo finally ask out Ki Sub, or will he stand his ground and have the house to himself again? According to the agreement, they’ve got one week to figure it out.

5. And finally… what was that cliffhanger about?!

The second episode ends with a cliffhanger and the show’s second couple meeting, but not for the first time. Balgeum is on his way home when he’s met by his old classmate, Ji In Ho (Ahn Se Min). Of course, they meet in a dark alleyway, the go-to meeting place in K-dramas for everything from heartfelt confessions to creepy confrontations.

Balgeum looks like he’s seen a ghost, while In Ho looks heartbroken. And what does In Ho say when he meets his old friend? “I’ll sleep with you tomorrow.” That can mean one of two very different things. There’s definitely some explaining that needs to happen.

Check out the premiere of “Boys Be Brave!”:

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