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Ma Dong Seok (aka Don Lee), 53, and his wife Ye Jung Hwa, 36, are finally ready to walk down the aisle and celebrate their union with a wedding ceremony.

According to Star Today, the couple will host their wedding ceremony on May 25th in Seoul. The event is set to be an intimate gathering of family and friends. Given Ma Dong Seok’s extensive network, the couple is currently considering whether to make the ceremony public.

Since publicly announcing their relationship in 2016, Ma Dong Seok and his partner, 17 years his junior, registered their marriage in 2021, becoming legal spouses. The news of their marital status became widely known when Ma Dong Seok, at the 12th Beautiful Artist Awards ceremony in 2022 where he received the “Movie Artist Award,” affectionately referred to Ye Jung Hwa as “my wife,” garnering much congratulations.

At the time, Ma Dong Seok expressed his gratitude, stating, “As both an actor and a producer, I’m aware of my shortcomings, so I consider this significant and valuable award a warm encouragement. I love my wife, Ye Jung Hwa, and my family who have supported me the most.”

Despite plans to hold a wedding ceremony being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and busy schedules, the couple has chosen the beautiful month of May for their celebration. According to insiders, the timing coincides with the conclusion of Ma Dong Seok’s Hollywood projects, including the upcoming release of The Roundup: Punishment on May 24th.

In the meantime, Ma Dong Seok and Ye Jung Hwa have showcased their strong relationship, including attending the world premiere of Eternals (2021) in Los Angeles together. Recently, Ye Jung Hwa also accompanied Ma Dong Seok to The Roundup: No Way Out promotional events in Japan.


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