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In the latest episode of KBS’s The Return of Superman, viewers were introduced to the daily life of Choi Min Hwan and his three children, Jae Yul, Ah Yoon, and Ah Rin.

Choi Min Hwan addressed his divorce, “Both the viewers and I were worried about my divorce.” But opting to join the show was a decision made with his children in mind. “There are people who wonder if appearing on the show might hurt the kids. But I think the opposite. I believe it’s a blessing for the kids to receive love and support from the viewers through ‘The Return of Superman,’” he expressed.

When asked how often the kids see their mother, Yulhee, Choi responded, “The kids love their mom very much, and she provides for them in ways I cannot. So I’m not stopping them from meeting her. They can see her whenever they want. She’s an important part of their lives. So I always speak positively about their mother at home.”

Choi shared his struggles with managing the children’s morning routines, especially attempting to style his twin daughters’ hair. “I want to do well by them, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t replace their mother. It doesn’t go as I wish, and I feel sorry,” he lamented.

One poignant moment captured young Jae Yul finding a photograph with his mother and quietly shedding tears. Choi was unaware of his son’s emotional moment. “I had no idea (he cried). I keep feeling sorry for the kids. I promise to do better tomorrow, but then the day just flies by, and at night, I feel sorry all over again,” Choi shared.

He further highlighted Jae Yul’s particular sensitivity, noting, “The twins might not fully grasp the concept of divorce yet, but Jae Yul understands everything. He’s a sensitive boy and often watches my reactions. He’s the most dearest.”

Choi Min Hwan and Yulhee were married in 2018 and welcomed one son and two daughters before their separation last year.

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