“High School Return of a Gangster” has unveiled the first glimpses of Lee Seo Jin’s character!

“High School Return of a Gangster” is a fantasy drama that tells the story of a gangster whose soul accidentally enters the body of a 19-year-old high school outcast. Having wanted to go to college, he forms a new friendship with a student who suffers from domestic violence and uses his skills to punish bullies.

Lee Seo Jin is set to make a special appearance in the drama as Kim Deuk Pal, a unique 47-year-old gangster who, despite his status, is characterized by his determination, honesty, and profound humanity. Moreover, even at the age of 47, he harbors a desire to attend college. In the drama’s early episodes, Lee Seo Jin will skillfully depict the complex and multi-faceted story of Kim Deuk Pal, inviting viewers to empathize deeply with the unfolding narrative.

The newly released stills capture Kim Deuk Pal’s rugged charm and intense aura. His piercing gaze, commanding stance, visible scars, casually undone shirt buttons, and muscular arms adorned with tattoos perfectly embody the essence of a seasoned gangster.

“High School Return of a Gangster” will premiere on May 29 through Wavve, TVING, and Watcha.

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