Lee Chae Min and Noh Jung Ui might reunite for another drama after “Hierarchy”!

On May 1, OSEN reported that Lee Chae Min will star in MBC’s new drama “Bunny and Her Boys” (working title) and is gearing up for filming. Similarly, Noh Jung Eui has reportedly been cast as the lead in the same drama.

In response to the report, Lee Chae Min’s agency GOLD MEDALIST stated, “[Lee Chae Min] has received an offer to star in the drama and is positively reviewing it.” Noh Jung Eui’s side has yet to comment on the matter.

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Bunny and Her Boys” is set in a university and follows the growth story of Ban Hee Jin. After experiencing heartbreak from her disastrously ended first love, she finds herself entangled with five handsome men.

Reportedly, Noh Jeong Eui will portray Ban Hee Jin, a regular 21-year-old college student. The drama will delve into Ban Hee Jin’s journey of growth after experiencing a failed first love that lowered her self-esteem, and how she grows afterward through various human relationships she experiences.

Notably, Lee Chae Min and Noh Jung Eui recently concluded filming for Netflix’s upcoming series “Hierarchy,” scheduled for release in June. Should they accept their respective roles, this would mark their second collaboration following “Hierarchy.”

Stay tuned for updates!

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