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After completing his military service, Ko Kyung Pyo has returned to the small screen with a bang.

The new JTBC drama Franking Speaking, which recently premiered, sees Ko Kyung Pyo playing the role of Song Ki Baek, an announcer at Ultra FM, showcasing his dynamic acting skills. Before the show’s debut, the actor promised to bring his best comic acting to the series, and he delivered. In every 60-minute episode, his presence is felt through his unparalleled comedic timing and constantly changing expressions. Immediately following the episodes, comments like, “He’s really going all out, isn’t he?” “That’s how he uses his face?” and “Is Ko Kyung Pyo retiring after this?” began to flood in.

Given the situation, it’s no surprise that Ko’s facial expressions have become meme material in no time. From his “laugh-crying nostrils” while trying to stop a husband from revealing his announcer wife’s affair, to the “bathroom mishap” scene where he’s trapped in an elevator and succumbs to stress-induced stomach issues, to his “head-twisting” as he puts an arrogant idol in his place—the memes are bound to make anyone burst into laughter.

In the second episode, his “hulking tongue” persona emerges, as his blistering honesty leads to hilarious scenes aplenty. Within just a few minutes, his facial expressions shift through a myriad of emotions. You could take a screenshot every second for a minute and not capture the same face twice.

Moreover, the truth came out of his rumors of being a “Gangnam silver-spooner,” his family actually relied on his support, and his flashy home and car weren’t even his. To those criticizing his fake image, he shouted, “Crafting an image is also a skill!” His nightmare highlighted a life where the only fault was living honestly.

The production team teased, “In episode 3, viewers will understand why Ki Baek is so self-conscious and why he is obsessed with always appearing perfect. His ‘hulking tongue’ will intensify, and KoKyung Pyo’s comic acting will reach its peak.”


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