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On the recent episode of SBS’s My Little Old Boy, Kim Jong Kook opened up about his experience with a major financial scam.

During the episode aired on the 9th, actor Choi Jin Hyuk invited his role models Kim Jong Kook and Lee Sang Min to his home. Choi Jin Hyuk expressed his frustration, saying, “I feel like my image has made people see me as someone who doesn’t have a clue about managing money.” He added, “I get tons of messages on social media asking me to invest or even lend money.”

Kim Jong Kook then shared that he too often receives requests for loans. When Lee Sang Min asked him if he had ever been scammed, Kim Jong Kook surprised everyone by saying, “Many times.”

He elaborated, “No matter what I heard, I didn’t budge, but everyone kept telling me that I needed to invest in financial production, so I finally did. I invested several billion won (tens of millions of USD), thinking it was safe, but I was wrong. After that experience, I decided not to care about money I didn’t earn through hard work.”

The episode also featured a hidden camera scenario prepared by Kim Jong Kook and Lee Sang Min for Choi Jin Hyuk, who has shown a lack of financial awareness.

Lee Sang Min introduced a supposed investment opportunity in unlisted stocks, claiming a 1 billion KRW (approximately 760,000 USD) investment could yield 40 billion KRW (approximately 30 million USD). Kim Jong Kook played along, mentioning that Seo Jang Hoon and Shin Dong Yeop had invested in the AI business. Without hesitation, Choi Jin Hyuk asked to join and even offered to transfer 20 million KRW (approximately 15,000 USD) to Lee Sang Min on the spot, causing concern among everyone.


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