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Kim Ho Joong is currently under investigation for a DUI crash. However, he has reportedly drawn public anger for mentioning the late actor Lee Sun Kyun to express his disappointment with the police.

Kim’s lawyer has repeatedly cited Article 15 of the Police Public Relations Regulations, which restricts the release of details regarding a suspect’s return home. He said Kim is even considering filing a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission, questioning whether the Gangnam Police Station received instructions from a superior agency to disclose such information.

During his third questioning, Kim clashed with the police over their refusal to allow him a private exit from the station. He entered through the underground parking lot to avoid reporters and requested the same route upon leaving. This disagreement resulted in a five-hour standoff. The Gangnam Police Station’s access control system requires police intervention for suspects and their lawyers to exit the underground parking lot.

Kim expressed frustration through his lawyer: “This feels incredibly unfair. I will accept punishment, but I shouldn’t be treated like this.” He continued, “Is it acceptable for the police to treat me like this? I’m fine with being arrested and I’ll accept the punishment, but please see me as a human being who eventually has to live with you 24/7.”

Lawyer Jo acknowledged the evidence against Kim Ho Joong but emphasized the principle of presumption of innocence. He argued that the suspect’s rights, including privacy protections, should be upheld until guilt is proven. He even cited the Lee Sun Kyun case, saying, “If we violate even minor publicity rules, painful precedents will be repeated and eventually lead to a return to the era of barbarism.”

As the news spreads, criticism is pouring in towards Kim Ho Joong’s side. Many online comments focused on the inappropriateness of mentioning Lee Sun Kyun’s case, stating, “He shouldn’t have mentioned the actor,” “Is he claiming to be a victim of the police?” “This is different from Lee Sun Kyun,” and “He should first look back on what he did wrong.”

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