Boyband Stray Kids held their first Japanese offline meet and greet event, meeting 160,000 Japanese fans.

Entitled “Stray Kids Fan Connecting 2024 ‘SKZ Toy World’”, the meet and greet event was held at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka on the 6th and 7th of April, followed by events at the Belluna Dome in Saitama on the Saturday and Sunday. Saitama is near Tokyo.

All four shows were sold out, bringing together a total of 160,000 Stray Kids fans. Only members of the official Stray Kids fan club, Stay, were able to purchase tickets.

The performances on 27 and 28 April were also shown simultaneously in 400 cinemas across Japan, with the latter available as a paid online stream for viewing at home.

The meet and greet events were themed around “toy worlds”, with large toy props on stage. Stray Kids members also entered the stage via a large slide.

Stray Kids will release a new single, ‘Lose My Breath’, featuring US singer-songwriter Charlie Puth on 10 May.

Stray Kids “특(S-Class)” M/V

Stray Kids “락 (樂) (LALALALA)” M/V

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