A list of all Japanese BL web dramas released in 2024 (so far) accompanied and the platforms where they are available for streaming is available below.

With unique storylines and remarkable characters, J-BL series offer a rich palette of emotions capable of attracting viewers. Discover without further delay what Japan has to offer this year, including some of your favorite anime!

NOTES : This article will be updated until the end of the year. It is advisable to save this link so as not to miss any Japanese series releases in 2024.

Japanese BL dramas in 2024 (so far) K-Selection

Upon their return from Singapore, Soichi Haruta and Ryota Maki started living together as newlyweds but the work with all the household chores was quite tiring and pushed them to hire housekeeping services to make their domestic life easier. The person who shows up at the door, however, turns out to be retiree Musashi Kurosawa! Can we expect a love triangle to form between them?

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  • Although I Love You, and You | 10 Episodes

Japanese BL dramas in 2024 (so far) K-Selection

A charming owner of a small restaurant, capable of making anyone’s stomach and heart happy, meets a divorced office worker who moved to Osaka, and… falls in love with him from first glance !

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  • [ON AIR] Perfect Propose | 6 Episodes

Japanese BL dramas in 2024 (so far) K-Selection

A henchman in a company, Hirokuni Watari passes out one day in the street and meets Kai Fukaya, a person he has not seen for twelve years. Not knowing where to stay, Kai ends up staying with Hirokuni and prepares him home-cooked meals to ease his fatigue.

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  • My Strawberry Film | 8 Episodes

Japanese BL dramas in 2024 (so far) K-Selection

Ryo, Hikaru and Chika’s high school life seems to be peaceful but in truth, they harbor hidden emotions. In an old school warehouse, Hikaru and Chika one day find an 8mm film in which a beautiful girl catches Hikaru’s eye. While Ryo worries about Hikaru and Chika keeps an eye on the beautiful girl, whose gaze seems to pass by her.

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  • Love is Better the Second Time Around | 6 Episodes

Japanese BL dramas in 2024 (so far) K-Selection

This story is about Akihiro Miyata, a mid-level editor who reunites with his first love, university professor Takashi Iwanaga, when he calls on his expertise for a business column. Although their meeting is entirely serendipitous, Miyata is determined to keep their relationship strictly professional while battling Iwanaga’s charm and the complexities of a second chance at love. As the two grapple with their feelings and the challenges of adulthood, the story touches on themes of ideals, reality, and pride, as well as the dynamics of a frustrating “second” love. and irresistible.

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  • [ANIME] Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! | 10 Episodes

Japanese BL dramas in 2024 (so far) K-Selection

By becoming a “wizard” at the end of his 30 years, the young virgin Kiyoshi Adachi has the power to hear the thoughts of other people by touching them. One day he discovers that his popular colleague, Yuichi Kurosawa, has a crush on him. While dealing with being able to hear Kurosawa’s rather direct feelings towards him, Adachi realizes that the latter really likes him and begins to develop reciprocal feelings in turn.

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