This character at the end of Parasyte The Gray confirms a season 2 for the Netflix series!

Parasyte: The Gray freely adapts the famous manga by Hitoshi Iwaaki. In all cases, it starts from the same basis, namely extraterrestrial parasites which fall to Earth and infect humans, whose body is nothing more than a simple host. Being capable of modifying the entire metabolism of this body, their head can then decompose to deploy tentacles.

Although the plot is kept in the Korean version, it partly modifies the course of the story (which takes place here in South Korea, even if the threat concerns the whole world), replaces certain characters and adds some others. Lee Jung-hyun, for example, plays a heroine from the Gray Division, Choi Jun-kyung, who is not present in the manga. The end of these six episodes is marked by the arrival of a new character in the story and who embodies the final scene of this season 1. The question that arises is who is it?

A season 2 for Parasyte: The Gray on Netflix? K-Selection

  • Who is the character at the end of Parasyte: The Gray?

For this end of season 1, Parasyte: The Gray fell short of the end of its story. Although the mayor has been protected from any infection, the problem has not been resolved, on the contrary the parasites are still present and the invasion has not been controlled. Not to mention the existence of the Gray Division which recruited Seol Kang-woo, who therefore decided to “retire” to join these special forces.

For his part, Jeong Su-in has found common ground with Heidi, his parasite who now live together in the same body as evidenced by the letter left by Heidi to her host. If for the moment she continues to work in a shopping center, Seol Kang-woo still offered her to join the Gray division, the question that arises is therefore whether she intends to accept or not .

The series does not end with this seaside sequence, but in the division’s premises. Choi Jun-kyung is told that she has a visitor, a Japanese journalist who introduces himself under the name Shinichi Izumi. He is probably not unknown to readers of the manga, because this character is in fact the original hero of Parasite (as well as the anime) and even the way he is filmed is not foreign either.

A season 2 for Parasyte: The Gray on Netflix? K-Selection

  • Hitoshi Iwaaki’s hand transforms into Parasyte

Hitoshi Iwaaki’s work features this teenager, Shinichi Izumi, who is a hybrid. The character’s situation is, however, very different from that of Su-in, the heroine of the Korean series because the parasite attacks Shinichi during his sleep while he has his headphones on, the latter then wakes up and defends himself . Then trying to attack his right hand and trying to go back up, Shinichi blocks the parasite by winding the wires of his headphones and squeezing very hard, which means that only his right hand is affected. could have been infected. Thus, the young adolescent cohabits with the Migi parasite through this part of his body.

In Shinichi Iwaaki’s original story, we also understand why the last shot focuses so much on his right hand, the one he extends to Choi Jun-kyung to greet him. The question that arises is what the character’s exact role will be in season 2, if it is planned.

A season 2 for Parasyte: The Gray on Netflix? K-Selection

With the arrival of Shinichi Izumi, the story could take a more international turn – the parasites as a threat to all of humanity, beyond Korean territory (which would still remain the main setting). A season 2 that fills in the gaps? But, above all, this assumes that Parasyte: The Gray also constitutes a sequel, a sequel, to the original manga, set in the same universe. Because this version of Shinichi Izumi’s character is much older than the student that fans knew – we even learn that he became a journalist. In addition to providing a new story, the Korean series could, in a season 2, try to catch up with the wagons to provide an explanation of what becomes of the hero.

This storyline path seems all the more possible since the series team received the approval of Hitoshi Iwaaki in character for the narrative adaptations created for this version. Netflix seems to hold the keys to a new SF universe with this Korean adaptation of Parasyte. This is why season 1 gives the impression of laying the foundations, in six episodes, for a season 2 that is probably even more monumental, in the confrontation between humanity and parasites.