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Han So Hee recently addressed rumors questioning the authenticity of her acceptance into a French educational institution.

On April 28th, an online community posted screenshots of a conversation where Han So Hee. According to the screenshots, Han So Hee messaged her fan, “As you know, the way things start and transition just wasn’t the right system for me, which is why I gave up on domestic universities from the start and worked on my portfolio.” She went on, “Initially, I dreamt of attending Central Saint Martin and Parsons, but when I heard how much it costs each year, I opted for Beaux-Arts instead. But there was no way I could get a loan without attending a domestic college.”

She further explained, “In the (YouTube) episode, the edited parts and distorted facts left out that I needed 20 to 30 million KRW ($16,000 to $24,000) in my bank account and that the living expenses and rent were outrageously insufficient. Since I was starting over at 20, I had to pour everything I earned from part-time jobs into the prep school.”

This response appears to clarify recent allegations that arose after her appearance on Na Young Seok’s YouTube show, where she discussed the challenges she faced when she was unable to study in France. She mentioned being accepted into a French school but was unable to secure a visa because she couldn’t show a bank balance of 60 million KRW ($48,000) in her account.

However, shortly after, this claim was challenged by viewers and a French writer and art consultant on YouTube, who stated that the actual required amount was closer to 9.6 million KRW ($7,680). The controversy heated up when netizens started questioning the credibility of her story, prompting numerous inquiries into the matter.

News outlets reached out to Han So Hee’s agency, 9ato Entertainment, for verification of the DM’s authenticity but have yet to receive a response.


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